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Address: , Netherlands

Communications-Unlimited is the only one of it's kind. Located in the Netherlands, the company includes the following departments:

- Publishing House
- International Journalism and PR Centre
- Language and (Sworn) Translation Centre
- Business and Tourism office
- 'My Limburg' 

Communications-Unlimited is a language and translation centre and offers various professional courses and translation services, including Sworn translations.

Communications-Unlimited is a media company working in Central and Eastern Europe, with a head office in the Netherlands. The company aims to initiate, support, supervise and execute various strategic media and PR projects for government and commercial organisation, taking patronage over international events also.

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Address: Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 33, 2593BK The Hague
Tel: +31 703857077
Fax: +31 847173081

At Lexyca we provide translations that connect people. We will assist you with all of your translation and linguistic requirements; we work regularly in the world’s leading languages, and are proud to offer certified translations in less commonly requested language pairings.

We are experts in the field of document translation, certification and legalisation. 

Sworn Translation Services

Years of experience with legal, sworn and certified translations makes us your perfect guide as you navigate your way through the translation and legalisation process. We also offer a Full Translation and Legalisation Service. We have built an impeccable reputation for integrity and trust through the collaborative relationships that we have developed with our sworn translation and legal and notarial partners, all of which is at your disposal. It really can be as simple as delivering the document that requires translation to our office in The Hague we take care of the rest. We keep you updated with your documents progress through the translation and court certification process and arrange all necessary Apostilles and return the document to you by secure courier service if required. 

Document Services

We translate all imaginable types of document. Our services include reviewing, proofreading and editing. 

Copywriting Services 

In our role as language specialists we can assist you with the production of articles and papers for publication.

Terminology Management Services

The beauty in the art of translation lies in ensuring that you have the same style and tone in both languages. We research all possible vocabulary options, compiling and maintaining secure, individual terminology glossaries for clients with ongoing translation needs.

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Address: , Netherlands
Tel: +31 6-4560 1421 / +31 6 2819 1221

TinyEYE Online Speech Therapy 

Tel: +31 6-4560 1421 / +31 6 2819 1221 

Detailed Info:

TinyEYE Europe Can Provide Speech Therapy For  You and Your Child at Home Anytime Anywhere

TinyEYE Europe is your #1 choice for speech therapy services. As the first established speech telepractice service provider, TinyEYE has developed the most advanced, award winning, online speech therapy platform. Commonly referred to as telepractice, TinyEYE uses online speech therapy, to connect live and real-time our elite team of Speech therapists to you, wherever you are.

TinyEYE goes beyond video conferencing. Our speech therapy services include an interactive atmosphere where engaging activities, progress measurement, detailed reporting, speech therapy homework, as well as homework monitoring have proven to be effective at accelerating speech therapy learning. Accountable to you, TinyEYE provides you with password-protected access to schedules, session notes, therapy plans, and practice programs. TinyEYE also offers bilingual speech therapists - not only in English but also Dutch, French, Italian, German and Czech. We are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations in everything we do.

Speech therapy for you and your loved ones - anytime anywhere. tel +31 6-4560 1421 or +31 6 2819 1221

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Boom Publishers

Address: , Amsterdam

Learn Dutch on your own using the Delft method apps—it’s simple, effective and affordable. This series of apps contains complete and individual Dutch courses that have been especially designed for highly educated learners. | View website | View on map

Excellent Dutch

Address: , Amsterdam
Tel: 06-36122870

Excellent Dutch works from practice to theory ( "practice" meaning conversation and pronunciation, "theory" meaning grammar and spelling) instead of the other way around. From the first moment on, the lesson is directed towards the actual speaking and listening; after all language is sound in the first place. That's why Excellent Dutch's lessons are focused on CONVERSATION. In order to converse properly one needs to actually do it, to practise. We start from there.It is Excellent Dutch's experience that this works for any level, for absolute beginners as well as for advanced. For extended description of method(s) see : Method(s), Excellent Dutch..pdf

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