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Boom Publishers

Address: , Amsterdam

Learn Dutch on your own using the Delft method apps—it’s simple, effective and affordable. This series of apps contains complete and individual Dutch courses that have been especially designed for highly educated learners. | View website | View on map

Excellent Dutch

Address: , Amsterdam

Tel: 06-36122870

Excellent Dutch works from practice to theory ( "practice" meaning conversation and pronunciation, "theory" meaning grammar and spelling) instead of the other way around. From the first moment on, the lesson is directed towards the actual speaking and listening; after all language is sound in the first place. That's why Excellent Dutch's lessons are focused on CONVERSATION. In order to converse properly one needs to actually do it, to practise. We start from there.It is Excellent Dutch's experience that this works for any level, for absolute beginners as well as for advanced. For extended description of method(s) see : Method(s), Excellent Dutch..pdf

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