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Burgemeester Vastgoed


Address: Rhijnvis Feithstraat 3-A, 1054 TT Amsterdam

Tel: +31(0)20 616 93 99

My name is Barry Burgemeester and I’ve worked in the property market for over 22 years. We've been purchasing houses for expats for sixteen years and we love what we do.

I’ll tell you what to expect and help you avoid the pitfalls. At our company, you do not need to pay until we’ve found a home for you. We are 100% personal and we do not have a 9 to 5 mentality, we welcome you to visit us for a chat.

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Address: Spaces Vijzelstraat 68 , 1017 HL Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fantastic city. Wonderful to live and work in. It is therefore not surprising that the housing market is under considerable pressure. This ensures that important decisions sometimes have to be taken under extreme (time) pressure. A wrong choice can then have enormous financial consequences. Good guidance in this 'game with big interests' has become crucial. 020-Makelaars guides its clients (since 2001) in the valuation, purchase, sale, rental and / or management of homes. We believe that the biggest buying or selling decision in your life should get the attention it deserves.

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AMEO - Makelaars

Address: Hartveldseweg 35 , 1111 BG Diemen
Merwedeplein 54 , 1078 NG Amsterdam

At Makelaarsgroep AMEO, broker for Amsterdam and surroundings, you are at the right address. With branches in Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-Centrum and Diemen, we know the housing market to the neighborhood accurately. We believe that expertise at neighborhood level is indispensable for accurately determining the market value of a home. AMEO has more than 15 years of experience with the purchase, sale and valuation of real estate. We now have eight certified Registermakelaars appraisers (RMT), three of whom have a certification for commercial real estate (B.O.G.). An overview of all our employees can be found here.

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Amsterdam House Hunting

Address: , Amsterdam

Amsterdam House Hunting offers all Expats wanting to buy a property in Amsterdam, a Complete Home Buying Service. Buying a property in the Netherlands can be a daunting experience and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration and of course the Dutch language can be a big barrier as well. Amsterdam House Hunting can take care of all aspects of buying your property and gives you peace of mind on a no cure no pay basis. 

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Amsterdamse Maatschappij tot Beheer O.G. B.V.

Address: Oranje Nassaulaan 20, 1075 AN Amsterdam

Amsterdam Living is the international trade name of our company “Amsterdamse Maatschappij” and is registered as MVA Certified Expat Broker. We are real estate agents, rental agents and property managers, and member of NVM (Dutch Associaton of Real Estate Brokers and Experts), MVA (Amsterdam Brokers' Association) and VGM NL (Dutch Real Estate Management Association). Our property management company is part of an Amsterdam based group of real estate companies.

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BEN Agency

Address: Scheldestraat 69 , 1078 GH Amsterdam

BEN Agency is a full service agency with certified, highly skilled, committed, enthusiastic and above all brokers. Our office has four certified brokers / valuers at home supported by a streamlined back office team. Together we ensure that your interests as a client are represented well!  The starting point is our personal approach to a business relationship. A relationship that goes beyond the guidance during a transaction only. Every relationship is unique and requires a specific approach. This approach combined with market knowledge and an extensive network ensures that we can achieve the most successful results for our clients at all times.

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Brockhoff Makelaars

Address: Keizer Karelweg 223, 1181RC Amsterdam

Brockhoff Real Estate Agents stands for over 40 years of experience in the estate agency in Amstelveen and the area. Thanks to the confidence placed in us, we are market leader in this region. Currently, we consist of the following four specialized companies:  Brockhoff Real Estate Agents, Brockhoff Industrial Estate Agents, Brockhoff New Development
Agents and Brockhoff Mortgage Advice.

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Broersma Woningmakelaardij B.V.

Address: Koningslaan 14 , 1075 AC Amsterdam

Broersma Estate Agency (est. 1928) is specialised in mediation and consultancy in buying and selling homes in Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities. Broersma strives to provide a measure of care, transparency and integrity* in its service. Our service prioritises the interest of the clients.  Broersma Estate Agency is very active in the housing market and has a leading position at the higher end. Our office uniquely knows the marketing tools necessary to achieve sucess in buying and selling.

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Busker Makelaardij

Address: Anna Spenglerstraat 82, Amsterdam

Busker Makelaardij is a young and dynamic agency which focusses on you. By optimal social media usage, a huge network and a fast bike we can service you the best we can and act quick if you need a new home in Amsterdam. This way Busker Makelaardij makes sure you find a home that suits your needs within no-time.

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Damstede makelaardij

Address: Camera Obscuralaan 111, 1183 JX Amsterdam

Buying or selling a home is both financially and emotionally a big moment. Expert advice is therefore crucial. For example, what is the best strategy for selling your house in the market? And with purchase: how do you find the ideal home in a neighborhood that suits you? The Damstede Makelaardij team guides you with an active personal attitude by thinking along with you about the different options. Together we actively search for the best buyer or the ideal home. We guarantee knowledge of the profession but also of the latest developments in the housing market. We offer you a tailor-made approach, commitment and intensive guidance, allowing you to make the right decision at the right time.

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