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Payingit International


Address: Kabelweg 21, 1014 BA Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20 225 2520

If it works for you, it works for us

We make it fast and simple for companies, contractors, and expats to set up all their payroll administration and tax issues—complete payroll services plus visas, residence permits, tax arrangements.

Payroll Umbrella Services

Say goodbye to hassle! Let us organize your administrative and tax obligations related to international employment.

Immigration Services

Have your foreign employee in place within a couple of weeks with our Immigration Services! Sponsorship, visas, family travel permits, work permits, and residence permits.

30% ruling

Get to know the benefits of the 30% ruling for highly skilled migrants and see if the tax advantage applies to you. We organize it for you.

Salary Administration

Outsource all your administrative tasks and obligations to experts to make sure you have the correct salary administration in place. Outsourcing as it should be. | View website | View on map

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