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Effectiveness Across Cultures


Address: , Netherlands
Tel: +31-6-2955 2372

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General Practitioner Keizersgracht Amsterdam


Address: Westermarkt 2, 1016DK Amsterdam
Tel: 020-4509919
Fax: 020-4288288

Expat care

General Practise with six locations for expats in Amsterdam

Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht Amsterdam was started in 2011 by Dany Edmond Jabbour. Ever since, he has been offering the best service and personal attention to his patients. In Spring 2017, three new brach offices were opened, resulting in a total of six locations for the best personal care.

Excellent Experiences for Expats

When visiting general practioners in the Netherlands, many expats might not get the service and care they are used to. Dutch doctors are very well trained and offer exellent care, yet they are often very cautious with thier prescriptions and refferals. Other often heard complaints are the overcrowded practises, busy doctors who do not seem to have enough time and long waiting lists for hospitals and other care facilities.

The team of general practioners at Huisartsenpraktijk Keizersgracht Amsterdam understands the needs and expectations of expats in the Netherlands. They aim to make the Ducth health system more easily accessible for those who are not familiar with the system while maintaining excellent quality and high service.

Location City Centre                              Location Oud West                                  Location Rivierenbuurt

Westermarkt 2                                       Bilderdijkstraat 142-148                           Maasstraat 71

1016 DK                                                1053 KZ                                                   1078 HE

Amsterdam Centre                                Amsterdam                                               Amsterdam


Location West                                       Location South                                         Location East

Nassaukade 361                                  Stadionplein 25                                         Krugerstraat 1-3

1054 AA                                               1076 CG                                                   1091 LB

Amsterdam                                           Amsterdam                                               Amsterdam

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Happy Kidz Amsterdam


Address: Oetewalerstraat 40-2, 1093 JV Amsterdam
Tel: 06-15248395

Happy Kidz Amsterdam aims to support expats families living and working in The Netherlands for long-term or short-term assignments. The nanny agency provides assistance to parents with demanding careers and hectic schedules. 

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Hestia Early Learning Centre


Address: , Amstelveen, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 – 6618710

The Hestia approach is to understand which knowledge and skills young children already possess. By playing, we help them to develop themselves. Hestia works with the Reggio Emilia pedagogical concept: the child is born rich and competent and can express itself in a 100 different languages. In this way, the child becomes the best version of itself!

International and bilingual Amsterdam and Amstelveen are multicultural cities. We make sure this is also visible in our day and after school care: children learn to speak both English and Dutch here. Our highly experienced teachers are from a variety of countries and so are our customers: from Japan to Peru and from Poland to The Netherlands. The Hestia approach is well known and people from all over the world travel to our locations for inspiration.

Hestia Early Learning Centres are located in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

Hestia Amstelveen

Laan van de Helende Meesters 4, Amstelveen | Tel. 020-3459391

Hestia Amstelveen is a bilingual day care for children aged 0-5 and after school care for children aged 4-12. The children come from more than twenty different countries: from Japan and India to South Africa and of course The Netherlands. All activities are offered bilingually and the groups have Dutch and English speaking staff. This enables the children to easily learn and use two languages. Children that speak another language at home, also learn Dutch and English quickly. Recent research shows that bilingually raised children better develop their intelligence and learn how to make quick and better decisions.

Hestia Beethoven

Gaasterlandstraat 5, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6422929

Hestia Beethoven was the first location and was opened in 2003. This location shares a building with young and creative companies in the Oldschool building. A truly unique location was formed by, amongst others, architect Marijn Schenk of Next Architects: light and with views of the garden. There is a kitchen and piazza, where the children and teachers cook together, if possible organic, and always healthy. And then all these cosy corners and see-through spots, that make the building complete.

Hestia Rivierenbuurt

Uiterwaardenstraat 542, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6617937

Hestia Rivierenbuurt offers bilingual daycare and after school care. Your child from ages 0-12 is welcome with us! We are not the only ones proud of the location, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan also told us during the opening he “had never seen such a beautiful daycare.

The building was designed with Reggio Emilia, our philosophy, as an inspiration. It was built as a city: a number of rooms, a central square and a connection to the outside world.

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Kuhler & Trooster International Mental Health


Address: Koningslaan 35, 1075 AB Amsterdam, The Hague
Tel: +31 (0)85 0660 500

Kuhler & Trooster International Mental Health provides a wide range of mental health care for internationals based on the individual’s needs. No matter where you're from, we are here to support you. A team of psychiatrists and psychologists provide treatment in a number of languages, including English, Dutch, French and German.

We even support traveling patients through our E-health facilities. We understand the highs and lows of living internationally. Our first priority is to understand your specific situation, the challenges you may be facing and to provide immediate support. To do this, we ensure no or short waiting lists and offer tailor-made, compassionate care with a strong focus on the quality of life.

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Address: Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 33, 2593BK The Hague
Tel: +31 703857077
Fax: +31 847173081

At Lexyca we provide translations that connect people. We will assist you with all of your translation and linguistic requirements; we work regularly in the world’s leading languages, and are proud to offer certified translations in less commonly requested language pairings.

We are experts in the field of document translation, certification and legalisation. 

Sworn Translation Services

Years of experience with legal, sworn and certified translations makes us your perfect guide as you navigate your way through the translation and legalisation process. We also offer a Full Translation and Legalisation Service. We have built an impeccable reputation for integrity and trust through the collaborative relationships that we have developed with our sworn translation and legal and notarial partners, all of which is at your disposal. It really can be as simple as delivering the document that requires translation to our office in The Hague we take care of the rest. We keep you updated with your documents progress through the translation and court certification process and arrange all necessary Apostilles and return the document to you by secure courier service if required. 

Document Services

We translate all imaginable types of document. Our services include reviewing, proofreading and editing. 

Copywriting Services 

In our role as language specialists we can assist you with the production of articles and papers for publication.

Terminology Management Services

The beauty in the art of translation lies in ensuring that you have the same style and tone in both languages. We research all possible vocabulary options, compiling and maintaining secure, individual terminology glossaries for clients with ongoing translation needs.

Lexyca – translations that connect people. Consistent and efficient fulfilment of all of your translation needs.

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Partou Daycare


Tel: +31 88 235 75 00

An evolving sector

In 1984 our first childcare center opened its doors. Since then a lot has changed. More and more mothers made the choice to find a job and in 2004 the Childcare Act (Wet kinderopvang) was introduced by the government imposing clear quality demands. Over the years our work has become more and more professionalized. Nowadays the development of children is the core of child care and the sole term ‘care’ does not cover its meaning adequately anymore.

Large …

Nowadays quality, continuity and flexibility are important factors which determine the choice of childcare. Parents choose the care that fits their needs and wishes the best and that offers their children – small and big – a stimulating surrounding they love to go to. Running around 300 centers with more than 3.800 employees makes Partou one of the largest childcare organisations in The Netherlands. That is why we can invest in quality, development and innovation to maintain the high quality level of our care.

…. but nevertheless small and familiar

At the same time, however, Partou is small and familiar. You will find our centers cosy and welcoming and both parents and children enjoy coming there. Where personal attention and having fun come first.

Our employees

Well trained, experienced and motivated pedagogical employees form the heart of our organization. Together with the children they turn every day into a special one. That is why we invest time, effort and money in their training, education and schooling. Behind the scenes all locations are backed up by a national head office which renders services in the fields of monitoring and increasing the quality of care, financial administration and facility and human resources management. Together we make reliable and professional child care possible.

Partou has day care locations for expats in:

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Passies International Movers


Address: Broekermeerstraat 136, 2131AT Hoofddorp
Tel: +31 (0)23-5615955

Passies International Movers is not only specialized in moving services within the Netherlands. If you are planning to move within Europe or overseas, we are the best moving company for you.

Please contact us or request free and no-obligation quote or home visit from our moving adviser if you would like to take advantage of our services.

We offer you a full-service moving solutions. Passies Movers is a registered FIDI accredited international mover. Our team looks forward to being of service to you! 

Naturally, after notifying us of your plans to move, you will receive a visit from the moving adviser. All details concerning the move will be discussed thoroughly. The adviser will also give attention to any conditions or formalities, and will inform you of the minutest details relating to the move to your destination. The transport of all the goods – directly from door to door – is carried out on the dates of your choice.

Regarding each move, proper preparation, personal attention, meticulous timing, teamwork, expertise and trust are binding conditions for having all phases of the relocation process run smoothly. Here as well, the moving adviser is an indispensable key-figure. The adviser fully informs you of the relocation project, the insurance aspects and the delivery at the destination.

Passies is FAIM certified. FIDI FAIM stands for Accredited International Mover. Where the better known ISO standard focuses on the proper execution of administrative processes, FAIM focuses on the effective implementation and performance of a move. Are the right packaging materials being used, the staff is well trained, are the trucks in good shape, are the reliable shipping companies used, etc. FAIM goes a step beyond ISO and Passies is happy that she meets the standards of FAIM obligations without a doubt.

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Address: , Netherlands
Tel: 31 6-4560 1421 / +31 6 2819 1221

TinyEYE Online Speech Therapy 

Tel: +31 6-4560 1421 / +31 6 2819 1221 

Detailed Info:

TinyEYE Europe Can Provide Speech Therapy For  You and Your Child at Home Anytime Anywhere

TinyEYE Europe is your #1 choice for speech therapy services. As the first established speech telepractice service provider, TinyEYE has developed the most advanced, award winning, online speech therapy platform. Commonly referred to as telepractice, TinyEYE uses online speech therapy, to connect live and real-time our elite team of Speech therapists to you, wherever you are.

TinyEYE goes beyond video conferencing. Our speech therapy services include an interactive atmosphere where engaging activities, progress measurement, detailed reporting, speech therapy homework, as well as homework monitoring have proven to be effective at accelerating speech therapy learning. Accountable to you, TinyEYE provides you with password-protected access to schedules, session notes, therapy plans, and practice programs. TinyEYE also offers bilingual speech therapists - not only in English but also Dutch, French, Italian, German and Czech. We are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations in everything we do.

Speech therapy for you and your loved ones - anytime anywhere.

www.tinyeye.eu/en tel +31 6-4560 1421 or +31 6 2819 1221

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Zein Child Care Group BV


Address: Jozef Israelsplein 36, Den Haag, 2596 AV The Hague
Tel: +31 70 3268263

We believe in the importance of intentional teaching of 'socio-emotional competencies' - a key success factor in bringing up happy, well rounded young people. The quality of early years’ experiences can have a fundamental impact on all aspects of human development, physically, emotionally and intellectually - they set the stage for later health, wellbeing and learning. There is a demonstrated link between young children’s social-emotional competence and their cognitive development, language skills, mental health and school success.

Our programme aims to help children feel positive about themselves, their abilities and the people around them. Social-emotional competence in early childhood is made up from the following:

•     Self-esteem - good feelings about oneself
•     Self-confidence - being open to new challenges and willing to explore new environments
•     Self-efficacy - believing that one is capable of performing an action
•     Self-regulation/Self-control - following rules, controlling impulses, acting appropriately based on the context
•     Personal agency - planning and carrying out purposeful actions
•     Executive functioning - staying focused on a task and avoiding distractions
•     Patience - learning to wait
•     Persistence - willingness to try again when first attempts are not successful
•     Conflict resolution - resolving disagreements in a peaceful way
•     Communication skills - understanding and expressing a range of positive and negative emotions
•     Empathy - understanding and responding to the emotions and rights of others
•     Social skills - making friends and getting along with others
•     Morality - learning a sense of right and wrong

Through these competencies we aim to support our children's social and emotional development - equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes which will help them succeed in their friendships, school and home lives and as members of the wider community.

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