Passies International Movers


Address: Broekermeerstraat 136, 2131 AT Hoofddorp Hoofddorp

Tel: +31 (0)23-5615955

Passies International Movers is not only specialized in moving services within the Netherlands. If you are planning to move within Europe or overseas, we are the best moving company for you.

Please contact us or request free and no-obligation quote or home visit from our moving adviser if you would like to take advantage of our services.

We offer you a full-service moving solutions. Passies Movers is a registered FIDI accredited international mover. Our team looks forward to being of service to you! 

Naturally, after notifying us of your plans to move, you will receive a visit from the moving adviser. All details concerning the move will be discussed thoroughly. The adviser will also give attention to any conditions or formalities, and will inform you of the minutest details relating to the move to your destination. The transport of all the goods – directly from door to door – is carried out on the dates of your choice.

Regarding each move, proper preparation, personal attention, meticulous timing, teamwork, expertise and trust are binding conditions for having all phases of the relocation process run smoothly. Here as well, the moving adviser is an indispensable key-figure. The adviser fully informs you of the relocation project, the insurance aspects and the delivery at the destination.

Passies is FAIM certified. FIDI FAIM stands for Accredited International Mover. Where the better known ISO standard focuses on the proper execution of administrative processes, FAIM focuses on the effective implementation and performance of a move. Are the right packaging materials being used, the staff is well trained, are the trucks in good shape, are the reliable shipping companies used, etc. FAIM goes a step beyond ISO and Passies is happy that she meets the standards of FAIM obligations without a doubt. | View website | View on map

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