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Hestia Early Learning Centre


Address: , Amsterdam
, Amstelveen

Tel: 020 – 6618710

The Hestia approach is to understand which knowledge and skills young children already possess. By playing, we help them to develop themselves. Hestia works with the Reggio Emilia pedagogical concept: the child is born rich and competent and can express itself in a 100 different languages. In this way, the child becomes the best version of itself!

International and bilingual Amsterdam and Amstelveen are multicultural cities. We make sure this is also visible in our day and after school care: children learn to speak both English and Dutch here. Our highly experienced teachers are from a variety of countries and so are our customers: from Japan to Peru and from Poland to The Netherlands. The Hestia approach is well known and people from all over the world travel to our locations for inspiration.

Hestia Early Learning Centres are located in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

Hestia Amstelveen

Laan van de Helende Meesters 4, Amstelveen | Tel. 020-3459391

Hestia Amstelveen is a bilingual day care for children aged 0-5 and after school care for children aged 4-12. The children come from more than twenty different countries: from Japan and India to South Africa and of course The Netherlands. All activities are offered bilingually and the groups have Dutch and English speaking staff. This enables the children to easily learn and use two languages. Children that speak another language at home, also learn Dutch and English quickly. Recent research shows that bilingually raised children better develop their intelligence and learn how to make quick and better decisions.

Hestia Beethoven

Gaasterlandstraat 5, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6422929

Hestia Beethoven was the first location and was opened in 2003. This location shares a building with young and creative companies in the Oldschool building. A truly unique location was formed by, amongst others, architect Marijn Schenk of Next Architects: light and with views of the garden. There is a kitchen and piazza, where the children and teachers cook together, if possible organic, and always healthy. And then all these cosy corners and see-through spots, that make the building complete.

Hestia Rivierenbuurt

Uiterwaardenstraat 542, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6617937

Hestia Rivierenbuurt offers bilingual daycare and after school care. Your child from ages 0-12 is welcome with us! We are not the only ones proud of the location, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan also told us during the opening he “had never seen such a beautiful daycare.

The building was designed with Reggio Emilia, our philosophy, as an inspiration. It was built as a city: a number of rooms, a central square and a connection to the outside world.

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Partou Daycare


Tel: +31 88 235 75 00

An evolving sector

In 1984 our first childcare center opened its doors. Since then a lot has changed. More and more mothers made the choice to find a job and in 2004 the Childcare Act (Wet kinderopvang) was introduced by the government imposing clear quality demands. Over the years our work has become more and more professionalized. Nowadays the development of children is the core of child care and the sole term ‘care’ does not cover its meaning adequately anymore.

Large …

Nowadays quality, continuity and flexibility are important factors which determine the choice of childcare. Parents choose the care that fits their needs and wishes the best and that offers their children – small and big – a stimulating surrounding they love to go to. Running around 300 centers with more than 3.800 employees makes Partou one of the largest childcare organisations in The Netherlands. That is why we can invest in quality, development and innovation to maintain the high quality level of our care.

…. but nevertheless small and familiar

At the same time, however, Partou is small and familiar. You will find our centers cosy and welcoming and both parents and children enjoy coming there. Where personal attention and having fun come first.

Our employees

Well trained, experienced and motivated pedagogical employees form the heart of our organization. Together with the children they turn every day into a special one. That is why we invest time, effort and money in their training, education and schooling. Behind the scenes all locations are backed up by a national head office which renders services in the fields of monitoring and increasing the quality of care, financial administration and facility and human resources management. Together we make reliable and professional child care possible.

Partou has day care locations for expats in:

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Teddy Kids


Address: , Leiden

Tel: +31 (0)6 1466 3033

Teddy Kids is here for you and your family. Coming from abroad to leiden or having a new baby, it's all a big transition. We are here to ease the transition, to help with the changes in your life, and help answer any question.

Our goal is not to only teach children English and Dutch. Our goal is to teach the children to adapt, to have the ability to learn any language, to adjust to any culture, to be a child of the world. Once they are grown up, they will be able to live, understand, and work in any country or culture. This is what creates an international child. 

Daycare is the first step in a child’s international life and education and we are there, every step of the way to give them all the opportunities they deserve.

Teddy Kids boasts 4 locations in central locations:

Each with a unique touch, we offer an unmatchable service of education and daycare for your child.

Our BSO is different from others as our kids get to not only relax, but also experience and learn things they don’t get at school. Our teachers actively take the kids on excursions to museums, the library, education parks like Hortus Botanicus, make activities with the children regarding recycling, traffic rules and many, many other interesting activates. All of which are organised almost every week!

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Amari Doula Care

Address: , Amsterdam

I'm a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, doula and childbirth educator. Just like you, I wear many hats on a daily basis, but as your doula I don the hat of birth companion, providing unconditional emotional, physical and informational support. I am there for you (and your partner) pre-birth and post-birth, as you evolve as a family. I am not a guru. If you're looking for someone to tell you how you should approach pregnancy and birth, than I am not your doula. However, if you're looking for someone who will respect and support your choices unconditionally, and make your desires their first priority, then you've come to the right place. 

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Childbirth Class Gale

Address: De Genestetstraat 3 , 1054 AW Amsterdam

Experienced English-speaking midwife and prenatal coach with over 25 years experience in Dutch midwifery and related areas. I offer information evenings in English in various midwifery practices helping to prepare expectant international couples for their big day. I also Specialized in prenatal individual or group information sessions and coaching for international couples expecting a baby in the Netherlands


childbirthclassgale@gmail.com | View website | View on map

De Kleine Wereld

Address: Jan Luijkenstraat 6 , 1071 CM Amsterdam

We guide and care for the children out of our pedagogic vision that is founded on solid knowledge and years of experience. These are two important starting points:
• We take children seriously and see them fully.
• Children for us are not the adults of tomorrow, but the people of now.

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Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Address: Veerstraat 48-II , 1075 SW Amsterdam

We have over 90 children participating in our classes during the week at one of our baby, toddler or preschooler classes. And I am passionate about involving the parents in the program so they can take what they have learned and apply it in their daily life. Regular parent workshops are held to assist parents in incorporating the Montessori principles into their own homes. Because helping the parents is just as important as helping the child. If there is one message I would like to bring to each parent, it is to see the world through their child’s eyes.

simone@jacarandatreemontessori.nl | View website | View on map

Knufflesitters Agency

Address: , Groningen
, Eindhoven
Van Sijsenstraat 53A, , 9724 NM Amsterdam

The Philosophy of Knufflesitters is to provide the best childcare and so we pride ourselves in selecting high quality childcarers who are nurturing, responsive and trustworthy. We believe that a loving, safe and stable home environment, where the parents and nanny/sitter work as a team, provides a great platform for the child to grow in self-esteem and create a sense of belonging. 

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Little Cosmo

Address: Van Baerlestraat 64, 1071BA Amsterdam

Welcome to Little Cosmo! We’ve been busy travelling the globe to hunt down the most exciting kids brands for you. We hope you love our selection of distinctively chic and unique products from around the world. Our collection has been carefully curated to include only products which are innovatively designed and exquisitely crafted, especially for your little ones. Our aim is to inspire kids to be more creative from an early age. And to learn to love exceptional design as much as we do!

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My Little van Gogh

Address: Veerstraat 48-2, 1075 SW Amsterdam

I truly believe that encourage creativity during childhood is the key to adult success and happiness. As a psychologist for more than a decade with experience built in big corporates through Strategic Planning and HR roles, I found fascination in team-working, creativity, cognitive and learning process. Now being a mom my endless curiosity about this topics has refocused on my own delightful daughter and I am working hard to offer an educative, fun and lovely experience to her and your children.

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