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Christie Linley


Address: Middenweg 65a, 1098AE Amsterdam

Tel: +31 6 5311 4629

Christie Linley, Cross-Cultural life Coach offers coaching to people seeking help with regard to work, life issues and the challenges of small and large transitions.

Coaching is an effective way to gain clarity where there is fog. It is an excellent way to re-establish where you are, where you want to go and what it is that you need to get there.

I work with practical tools and interventions that spark new possibilities taking you to your next level of your growth. My coaching method is highly effective and the results are encouraging and inspiring. My clients leave empowered to take concrete action, they feel more connected to themselves and they experience more harmony because they are able to make healthier choices.

My clients tell me that my International background played out in 5 countries and three continents encourage them to share their story. I have dual nationality, was brought up in English and am now a Dutch citizen. The coaching sessions can be in Dutch or in English. I welcome you to my practice in the Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam. There is the possibility of evening sessions.

Please feel free to call me with your questions. I look forward to meeting you. | View website | View on map

HRM-College: Dutch Labour Law


Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht

Tel: +31.35.887.48.35

The Dutch Labour Law workshop has been offered many times as an in-company workshop for international companies. Due to great demand, we now offer 'Dutch Labour Law' – as well as the 'Deep Dive' course, both as an open enrolment workshop.

The workshops have been developed by Mr. Drs. Arthur Hol, who also acts as a trainer. Arthur is a Partner at the Amsterdam-based law firm De Koning Vergouwen, specializing in Employment Law, is a Partner at ‘Nieuw Organiseren’ and programme director at Governance University. He is a former international HR Manager at Royal Dutch Shell and KLM.  He holds university degrees in both Law and organizational psychology. This background enables Arthur to make this workshop very practical, taking different business angles into account, as well as interactive (prior to the workshop session, participants will be invited to submit cases for discussion purposes). During this workshop/course, insights will be given into the best practices of relevant multinational companies.  

Introduction to Dutch Labour Law & HR

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Deep Dive Dutch Labour Law & HR

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Works Councils & Labour Unions: employee relations in the Netherlands

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Academic and Personal Pathways

Address: Amstelveenseweg 1002, 1081 JS Amsterdam

As a certified counsellor and coach I help clients to explore and utilise their own strengths and personal identity by facilitating the discovery of their inner values and sense of self-worth. Warm and intuitive, Laura supports you with gentle determination in a respectful, non-judgemental way.

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Amsterdam Loomancoaching

Address: Leidsegracht 22, 1016CL Amsterdam

During my 15-year career as a professional coach, I have challenged and coached many managers and professionals. Having lived abroad as an expat for nearly a decade, I have special expertise with people who are working in a non-native environment.  Working as a manager for 20 years, I gained broad experience across business sectors, business functions—and, of course, deep understanding of people. My business degree and further education have given me a firm foundation for bringing individuals and their desired work lives closer together. | View website | View on map

Crisler Coaching & Consulting

Address: P.C. Hooftstraat 106, 2026 XS Haarlem

Your longing for meaningfulhuman connection may too often go unmet due to busy lives, constant distractions, unresolved conflict . . . and frankly, were any of us ever actually taught skills for this?!  It is about showing up as you are, being seen, heard, understood and met with acceptance. AND knowing how to do this for others. I believe that the primary person who can help you in all of your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) is YOU. I support people—individuals, couples & small teams—who wish to build trust, honesty and meaningful connection in their relationships. I do this by giving a safe space for self-awareness, expressing honestly and listening with empathy.

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Eva Visser Plaza

Address: Hillegomstraat 12-14, 1058 LS Amsterdam

I am Eva, founder of  Eva Authentic Living, a  holistic international coaching and consultancy practice. I am interested in diversity, female leadership and vitality and I help both companies as female leaders. I guide them to become authentic and create a purposeful life and career. 
In the past 5 years I have specialized in guiding 1-1 female business leaders and managers to take care of themselves and help them focus on what they find important in their lives to embody an authentic leadership style to inspire others to do the same. | View website | View on map

Ingrid Bax Family and Parenting Coach

Address: , Heemstede

In the current society in which both parents often work and the child spends a lot of time on a BSO or with a nanny or au pair, there is a great need for clarity and structure. Also, the increasing use of screens often bring diminishing social skills. I can support you as a family coach to create order and clarity in these chaotic situations.  My services include, coaching of (single-parent or composite) families with children from 0-18.  I am fluent in English. | View website | View on map

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