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Software Engineer

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In this role, you will work with your teammates solving problems related to DevOps, Data Engineering, and Web Development, which means you should be strong in one of these three, but also curious about the other two. It is an opportunity to support 1000s of software people (and the businesses that surround them) in techniques, tools, culture, practices and ways-of-working that provide a sustainable increase in speed and quality. You will do this across diverse locations, technology stacks, products and businesses. You are responsible for: • End-to-end development of tools & techniques to assist the Software Center of Excellence in delivering value to its customers. • Contribute to the development and stabilization of new features, testing and automation of the software that SWCoE currently owns. • Reliability, deployment strategy, data-backup-strategy, Security audits and all the interesting software development elements that come with “scale”. You are a part of the Philips Software Centre of Excellence competencies team with diverse technical abilities and backgrounds. This team used a combination of top down, bottom up and middle-out approaches and exploits formal and informal influence channels to achieve their goals. We are all passionate about software. You should have the following skills to succeed in this role: • You are someone who is passionate about functional programming, clean, reproducible code, and you take responsibility from the development to the deployment of your work. • Understand the following languages: yaml, json, javascript, scala, and html • You have experience with some, small, ETL pipelines, and deploying software to Kubernetes; but you mostly enjoy developing new customer facing features! • Have 5 to 8 years of experience, and you have enough maturity to understand the needs and independently work with less supervision and have high integrity. • You are willing to utilize DevOps tools and practices to build and deploy software • You should have an open mind to learn new concepts and apply them on-the-go. • Bachelor’s degree (in STEM areas) or other equivalent degrees/professional experience. • Ability to quickly learn organizational structure and the objectives of the team. • High levels of integrity and discretion in handling confidential information. • Ability to work in an ambiguous environment.

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