Logistics Employee Nabuurs

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We are looking for a logistics employee for Nabuurs in Oosterhout (Gelderland). The groceries in the supermaket, fashionitems in the clothingstores, a drink in the cafe; it seems normal that all these products are always available to us, but there is a long chain of processes leading up to it. As logistic employee at Nabuurs you are an important contributor to the process. You are responsible for preparing and collecting of goods within the warehouse. You will do so by using a scanner and EPT (Electric Pallet Truck). If you have a valid reachtruckcertificate, it is also possible to use a reachtruck to get the pallets of the shelves. Naturally, you are responsible and safe. If necessary, you can help with loading and unloading of the trucks. Are you interested to work at Nabuurs or do you have any questions? Apply on, send an email to [email protected] or call us on 088-5063088.

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