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toilets in the Netherlands

Public toilets: A Dutch inconvenience


Going to a public toilet in the Netherlands is not like elsewhere – if you can find one. Amanda van Mulligen investigates the inconvenience of Dutch toilets.

business opportunities

Expat interview: Make your own business opportunities in the Netherlands

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You can create your own business opportunities in the Netherlands, to which expat author and cultural centre founder Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska can attest, as long as you don't have a 'pre-programmed vision' she says.

Dutch nationality

Is getting Dutch nationality worth the effort?


Does getting Dutch nationality make a difference? From the minute you get your Dutch passport, says Kenyan expat Caroline, who survived the bureaucratic chaos – and would do it again.

Best places to live

The best places to live in the world – for your personality?


Time to get out? Follow this guide to find the best place to live in the world for your personality and manners – the best places to live where you'd feel right at home.

Celebrating Sinterklaas: A guide for parents

Celebrating Sinterklaas: A guide for parents


Traditionally, in mid-November, two weeks before his celebrated Feast Day, Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands by boat from his home in Spain.

Dutch lunch: Boter eat that boterham

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Don't like boterham? Kevin Lowe explains why Dutch sandwiches are key to fitting in with your Dutch co-workers and integrating into Dutch culture, no matter if you like a hot lunch.

Can I be a good mother and still accept Zwarte Piet?


If children survived the loss of golliwog figures, how about Zwarte Piet? Expat Ellen Duckenfield discusses if she can still be a good mother and accept her child's love of Zwarte Piet.

Zwarte Piet

Beloved Zwarte Piet: A Dutch perspective


Hedwig van Driel reflects on her beloved Dutch holiday traditions and the controversy that surrounds Zwarte Piet – in international circles, at least.

Dutch Christmas

Sinterklaas treats and recipes


Sinterklaas in the Netherlands is a time for presents and sweeties. Foodie Paola Westbeek shares her recipes for speculaas and kruidnoten, typical Sinterklaas treats.

Zwarte Piet racist

Africanah Girl: Is Sinterklaas and 'Zwarte Piet' racist or tradition?

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Much controversy has surrounded the blackface 'Zwarte Piet' helpers who arrive with Sinterklaas in Europe each year. Africanah Girl shares her side of the Zwarte Piet debate.

Halloween All Saints Day

The truth about Halloween you didn't know

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Have candy, costumes and commercialisation distracted us from the true meaning of Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts you should know before putting on your Halloween costume.

Funny Dutch names and the story behind them

Funny Dutch names and the story behind them


Some Dutch surnames sound plain funny in the English language. So what's the story behind names like Kok, Pekelharing and Smallegange? Cormac Mac Ruairi investigates.

Dutch phrases

The 10 funniest Dutch idioms – and what they really mean


If your dinner guest tells you an 'angel peed on their tongue', you should take it as a Dutch compliment not an insult.

Having a baby the Netherlands

10 reasons you'll want to have a baby in the Netherlands

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Recognising that pregnancy is not an illness, as goes the Dutch maternity approach, cycling eight months pregnant is unlikely to shock your doctor or midwife.

Dutch food

The truth about Dutch food


One of the biggest expat complaints is that Dutch food leaves a lot to be desired, says Paola Duque-Westbeek, who gives us the real picture.

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