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Cheers in other languages

How to say ‘cheers’ in 50 other languages

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When you can say cheers in other languages, you'll quickly make friends no matter where you go. Here's how to say cheers in 50 other languages.

Is Amsterdam safe to visit or live

Is Amsterdam safe?


Is Amsterdam safe to live or visit alone? An expat insider explains how safe Amsterdam is at night and in the red light district, plus areas to avoid and types of crime tourists should watch out for.

Crooked house Amsterdam

The history of crooked Amsterdam houses – are they safe?

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How safe are Amsterdam's crooked houses? Take a look at the history behind the development of Amsterdam's narrow houses and theories on why they tilt today - which is what you should avoid if you live in one.

winter in the Netherlands

The Dutch winter survival kit every expat needs


A love of pea soup, a potato masher, hot chocolate and eternal hope is a good start to assembling your Dutch winter survival kit.

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions only expats will understand


As an expat New Year's resolutions are more about memorising foreign irregular verbs or visiting that landmark you keep putting off, rather than slimming down or saving.

Is getting Dutch nationality worth the effort?


Does getting Dutch nationality make a difference? From the minute you get your Dutch passport, says Kenyan expat Caroline, who survived the bureaucratic chaos – and would do it again.

Dutch lunch: Boter eat that boterham

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Don't like boterham? Kevin Lowe explains why Dutch sandwiches are key to fitting in with your Dutch co-workers and integrating into Dutch culture, no matter if you like a hot lunch.

Dutch phrases

The 10 funniest Dutch idioms – and what they really mean


If your dinner guest tells you an 'angel peed on their tongue', you should take it as a Dutch compliment not an insult.

Dutch habits

13 habits you have to lose in the Netherlands

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Political correctness and closing the curtains were just two habits American expat Melissa Adams had to lose in the Netherlands.

Visiting Amsterdam

Dear foreigners: Please don't visit Amsterdam until you've read these 5 fac...


Amsterdam is estimated to attract 30 million tourists by 2025, but what impact do all those visitors have on the lives of locals who have to live there?

Learning Dutch

25 ways to help you talk like the Dutch


Do you replace 'thanks' with 'hoor'? If you're learning Dutch, these 25 fun tips can help you sound more like a Dutch local.

Cycling in the Netherlands

Awesome Amsterdam: A complete guide to cycling in the Netherlands


Everything you need to know before riding away on your Dutch bicycle: Dutch cycling rules, safety locks and how to rent or buy a bike in the Netherlands.

Calling young expats: Complete a survey for your chance to win a prize!

Calling young expats: Complete a survey for your chance to win a prize!


If you're aged 18–28, have your say in ThinkYoung's survey for your chance to win an iPad mini or a Spotify Premium three-months voucher!

Making Dutch friends

Ready Steady Go Dutch: Are the Dutch unfriendly?

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How easy is it to make Dutch friends? Don't expect to be invited to their home, say expats, but once you break the ice you will have a loyal Dutch friend for life.

Dutch culture

A Dutch checklist: 11 signs you're still acting like a tourist


If you're still offended by bad customer service and don't complain about the weather, your warning bells should start ringing.

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