How to learn Dutch without tears

How to learn Dutch without tears

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Language expert Albert Both explains why learning Dutch isn’t that difficult and offers helpful tips on how to learn Dutch fast and effectively.

Most expat newcomers to the Netherlands fully intend to learn the Dutch language — a goal that springs from a natural desire to communicate with the people in their new country of residence. But despite an initial ‘noble’ effort of learning the Dutch language fast, many people simply give up.

Why this happens could stem from a common belief is that Dutch is very difficult — after all, even Dutch people say this. However, it simply isn’t true. Dutch is far easier than German and is scientifically proven to be the closest language to English. Language learning expert Albert Both of Talencoach and Dutch Flow Now shares helpful tips and hacks to learn the Dutch language easily.

Dutch should be a relatively easy language to learn…in theory at least. But what stops most people isn’t words or grammar but rather their mindset about learning the language.

Let’s look at Dutch natives. Most of them speak English, and quite often, even more languages. Most Dutch people also admit that ‘speaking English is easy’ for them. Isn’t this a bit questionable? People from other countries usually never say that speaking English is easy. On the contrary, they’re more likely to say that English is difficult. Sure, the Dutch could be much more intelligent than any other group in the world, and for Dutch people this is an attractive thought, naturally. The question is: is it true?

Most Dutch people speak English, simply because the Dutch and English languages are quite similar. What’s more, another important difference is that the Dutch psychology for speaking languages is completely different.

This is great news. It means that English speaking people can learn Dutch much faster and with much more fun than they might have imagined.

The most common thoughts that hamper people from learning the Dutch language are: Dutch is difficult, illogical and irregular and, Dutch is not important. All these are inaccurate.

Dutch is a logical and consistent language and Dutch is important. After all, within the Netherlands, where you live, it is the most effective communication tool.

How to learn Dutch without tears - TalencoachChanging your mind about learning Dutch

Although many people think that learning a language is all about knowing words and grammar, this is only partially true. It isn’t even only a matter of thinking.  

One of the most essential elements is how you feel about learning Dutch. Only positive feelings and massive fun will bring you to the results that you want. Most people think of giving up due to having negative feelings about learning the language.

So change your mindset. After all, learning the Dutch language while living in the Netherlands could only enhance all your current and future plans and give you the greatest chance to succeed both in your personal and professional life.

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