Expat Artist: Kevin Kim in the Netherlands

Expat Artist: Kevin Kim in the Netherlands

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Expat musician Kevin Kim's advice to artists wishing to break into the local scene, "Assert yourself, don't be shy!"

Name:  Kevin Kim
New Zealand
Country of residence
:  Holland
Reason for moving to new country of residence
:  Study

Which medium do you work in?
Early music.

How has living abroad influenced your work as an artist?

To see and understand different views, perspectives and contexts for seemingly indentical situations or circumstances.

Can you describe what you wish to communicate through your art work?

The art of persuasion that is music in the way it intended and its fundamental values; to teach to entertain and move.

Which famous local artists inspire you?

Daniel Brueggen, Jacques Ogg.

Which up and coming local artists do you find worth mentioning?

Recorder quartet, Consort Mirabile.

How easy or difficult is it to mix with the local artistic community?

As long as the fundamental values are shared, or at least identifiable, anyone can mix and get along with anyone.

Can you offer some advice to others wishing to break into the local art scene?

Assert yourself, don't be shy! As long as you are prepared to do the hard yards, start at the bottom and not lose focus, you will be happy. A cliche, and true.

What kind of financial support is available for artists working in your country of residence?

Funding for newly graduated artists, sadly no more after December 2011.

How would you describe the local art scene?

Diverse, a lot of competition yet friendly enough.

Would you like to add anything that we haven't addressed in the questionnaire?

What's natural is usually the best.

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