Editor's guide to Expat Voices in the Netherlands

Editor's guide to Expat Voices in the Netherlands

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Read this brief guide to learn more about our Expat Voices questionnaires which allow you to share your story on life in the Netherlands with our international readership.

Our Expat Voices series gives the international community a chance to share their perspectives on life abroad.

 We now have six different Expat Voices questionnaire categories: Expat Voices, Expat Writer, Expat Entrepreneur, Expat Artist, Student Voices, and Expat Story. Want to be published? Fill one out!


Expat Voices

Ann JamesLaila Borrie Daniel Foster

Our general Expat Voices questionnaire invites you to share your initial experience of living in the Netherlands. We ask about shopping, food, language, culture and what you like most and least about living in the Netherlands.


Sudent voices

Kirsty JohnstoneGonçalo Baptista Moreira da SilvaJeanette Calder

What do you have to say about living and studying in the Netherlands?

The Expatica team invites you to contribute to Student Voices, a brief questionnaire which invites international students in the Netherlands to give their perspective on living and studying in the Netherlands. The questionnaires are featured on Expatica's Student Portal in the Student Life section.


Expat Entrepreneur

Tiffany JansenDave HamptonAmanda van Mulligen

Our Expat Entrepreneurs questionnaire invites entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to share their experiences of setting up and running their businesses abroad.  The encouragement and tips offered by the entrepreneurs participating in this series makes these interviews an invaluable read for those contemplating starting a business in the Netherlands.


Expat Artist

Shefqet Avdush Emini Erik HagenInga Cholmogorva

How has living abroad influenced your work as an artist?  OurExpat Artistquestionnaire finds out more about your life as an international artist in the Netherlands and asks about your creative work, how you experience the local artistic community and the kinds of financial support which are available to artists working in the Netherlands.


Our most recent additions are Expat Writer and Expat Story, which gives you free reign to tell your tale.

   Expat Story: Eleni MenoutisExpat story: Kapper who? A short story by Nandini BediExpat story: False flowers and real wasps: by Nandini Bedi


Photo story

Prefer to use images to tell your tale? Then upload your photos with captions and a brief introduction via our Expat Story questionnaire.


Blogging but no blog as yet?

Upload your story to our Expat Story questionnaire. Within a month, we'll have blogging software available for Expatica readers who prefer to have have a broad reach into the international community from day one!


Joining Expat Voices

We'd love to hear what you have to say about life in the Netherlands. To add your voice to Expat Voices in the Netherlands, simply visit our Questionnaire section and click on the relevant questionnaire and fill it on online. You can also upload photos.


Note: Before filling in the questionnaire, please have pictures ready to upload: One thumbnail portrait photo (square is preferable), and up to four images which reflect the content of the questionnaire (max. size 75 KB).  The maximum amount of characters per answer is 500.


Inviting your ideas for a new Expat Voices series

If you have any other ideas for Expat Voices questionnaires, then please send an email to editorNL@expatica.com and put Suggestion for Expat Voices, in the subject line.


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