A'damblog: Amsterdam annoyances

A'damblog: Amsterdam annoyances

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Jens is an entrant in the 2012 “i am not a tourist” Expat Fair Blog Competition.

There is plenty to get annoyed about in Amsterdam. We’re not different from any other big city. I could easily make a long list of the greatest Amsterdam annoyances – but as no one has asked me to come here in the first place I rather leave such a list to someone else. I could for example leave it to our local Amsterdam paper Het Parool (yes, I’m a subscriber) to make it – which they in fact have done in the latest edition of the paper. It makes interesting reading.

The idea of making the list in the first place was inspired by an incident in Amsterdam last Saturday. An unknown (not anymore) gay photographer was about to kiss his boyfriend on a square in the West of Amsterdam when a nearby snackbar owner (claiming not to be homophobic) intervened and asked them to stop it and to leave the square. Apart from ignoring the request to stop, the photographer got so annoyed about the interference in his love life that he decided to arrange a kiss-in on the very same square, which actually attracted about 100 'kissers' last night (but that’s another story). Anyhow, now Het

Parool has made a survey among the citizens to make a list of the 20 greatest annoyances in Amsterdam.

A'damblog: Amsterdam annoyances

Greatest Amsterdam annoyances (most to least):


Men scratching their crotch

Nose picking

Men with naked torsos on terraces

Cutting nails

Two men kissing

Topless (females) in the parks

Two women kissing

Men with naked torsos in the streets

Man and woman kissing

Builder’s cleavage

Two men holding each other intimately

Two women holding each other intimately

Man and woman holding each other intimately


Topless on the beach

Doing make-up

Men walking hand in hand

Women walking hand in hand

Man and woman walking hand in hand

You can make your own conclusions about the list. Personally I’m very disappointed that ‘Scooters on pavement’, ‘Scooters on bicycle lanes’ ‘Bicycles on pavement’, ‘Dog shit on pavement’, ‘Late partying on balconies’, ‘Late partying with open windows’, ‘Littering’, ‘Putting rubbish out at any time’, ‘Talking in cinemas’, ‘Smoking (too much) cannabis’, ‘Smoking cigarettes everywhere’, ‘Drinking (too much) alcohol’, ‘Putting feet on train/tram/bus seats’ and ‘Loud mobile talk’ did not make the list. But as I’ve already mentioned no one asked me to come here in the first place, so I’m perfectly happy for others to compile a list of the greatest Amsterdam annoyances.


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2 Comments To This Article

  • Frank posted:

    on 25th September 2012, 16:06:15 - Reply

    Why are couples so annoying...who did the parool interview or is the city made of frustrated singles? That would also not make much sense because the majority of annoying items also shows incredible high amount of prude ideas...wow
  • JB posted:

    on 25th September 2012, 14:14:11 - Reply

    I'm shocked by the results.

    Amsterdam: most homophobic capital in Europe?