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The Plantage

Amsterdam Neighbourhood: the peaceful Plantage


The Plantage, the ‘cultural garden of Amsterdam’, is an easy-to-access, quiet residential area located in the heart of the city; however, it also offers a peaceful and relaxing place surrounded by nature and greenery.

Why move to Eindhoven

Three great reasons to move to Eindhoven


Many expats pick Amsterdam when they have a choice of where to move in the Netherlands, but there are other great cities to explore, and Eindhoven is one of them, with such great advantages as a thriving tech scene, a relaxed atmosphere, and a lower cost of living.

Life in Leiden, in the Netherlands

Where to live in Leiden


Set in the heart of the Randstad, Leiden is a picturesque college town that in many ways is the cultural and intellectual epicentre of the region.

Living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Living in Eindhoven: Where to live and housing in Eindhoven for expats


Eindhoven was dubbed the smartest in the world in recent years but also has loads of cultural, sporting, shopping and housing appeal for expats living in Eindhoven.

Living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Where to live in Rotterdam


Rotterdam is a booming city in the Netherlands undergoing continual development, with a growing expat population, multicultural vibe and and a strong city identity of progress.

Where to live in Maastricht


Find the best places to live in Maastricht, the capital city in the southern province of Limburg which offers some of the top sites in the Netherlands.

Where to live in The Hague


Den Haag is the third most populated Dutch city, and has a lively expat population due to a hoard of international organisations, schools and embassies.

Where to live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Where to live in Utrecht


Utrecht is one of the most attractive places to live in the Netherlands, offering big city amenities, a medieval centre and proximity to the Dutch countryside.

Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A guide to the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam


Moving to Amsterdam? Here's a guided tour through the best parts of the Dutch capital, which remains one of Europe's best cities to live in.

Life in Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Where to live in Amstelveen


Amstelveen is a leafy, prosperous, family-oriented suburb close to Amsterdam, which has a growing population of international residents.

Moving to the Netherlands

Where to live near Amsterdam


Excellent transport links mean that living outside of Amsterdam and commuting daily is a viable option, opening up your options for finding a Dutch property.

Living in Amsterdam

Where to live in Amsterdam


If you're moving Amsterdam, discover which Amsterdam districts will suit your housing needs when looking where to stay in Amsterdam.

Where to live in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Where to live in Leeuwarden

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Leeuwarden offers an affordable and comfortable lifestyle in a beautiful old city surrounded by green spaces and waterways.

Where to live in Groningen, the Netherlands

Where to live in Groningen


Discover historical Groningen, a vibrant university city in the north of the Netherlands that has one of the country's youngest populations.

Life in Delft, the Netherlands

Where to live in Delft

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Wedged between The Hague and Rotterdam, Delft is a beautiful historical town that attracts those seeking a quieter lifestyle with good city connections.

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