Renewable energy in the Netherlands

Generating renewable energy in the Netherlands

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By now, everyone knows that doing nothing to protect the earth is not an option. Fortunately, more people are starting to take matters into their own hands by generating renewable energy. [Contributed by Greenchoice]

From installing solar panels to generating wind energy from one’s own wind turbine, generating renewable energy in the Netherlands yourself is often easier than you think, and it can be done in many different and cost-effective ways.  

Generating solar energy

With solar panels, you can begin generating your own energy right away. When you generate green energy with Greenchoice, you not only receive high-quality solar panels at a low price, you get insight into your power generation at any time via your computer or mobile app.

The power you generate is, for the most part, consumed directly. Since you no longer need to buy energy, your energy bill is automatically reduced; any excess energy can be sold back to Greenchoice.

If you generate less energy than needed by your household on a yearly basis, you can offset it. This means that the power you have sent to the energy grid will be deducted from the flow you receive from Greenchoice at the same rate (including all taxes and government charges). If you generate more power than you use yourself, you send more energy to Greenchoice than you receive; for this surplus, you receive a net return fee of EUR 0.11 for the first 10,000 kilowatt hours. If you return a net amount of more than 10,000 kilowatt hours, you receive the base delivery rate for the entire net delivery volume.

Generating renewable energy

Generating wind energy

Become a co-owner of a wind turbine and generate your own green wind energy. With one section of a windmill, you generate about 500 kWh of your own power every year. As you no longer need to buy this power, you save a lot while maintaining price security. Sharing wind is also exciting and easy: watch how fast the blades of your wind turbine rotate and how much power it generates at any time of the day at your computer or phone. Greenchoice deducts the generated power from your energy bill.

Generating wind energy

Join an energy cooperative

More people have begun working together to generate their own renewable energy by forming energy cooperatives in the Netherlands. An energy cooperative is an initiative from local residents who come together to get started with renewable energy, either by investing in the generation of sun or wind energy. The proceeds from the initiative are used for other investments in the local community. Greenchoice currently supports 50 energy cooperatives in the Netherlands, and it is happy to help build successful energy cooperatives—this way, we can work on generating more sustainable renewable energy close to its users.

If you want to join an energy cooperative in your area, there is plenty opportunity out there! Even if you are already a Greenchoice customer, you can support a cooperative of your choice. With so many energy cooperatives around, there is bound to be one near you—if not, there’s the opportunity to establish one yourself. Tell us about your plans via We are happy to talk to you, and we’ll help you move forward with your plans. Having delivered sustainable electricity and ‘forest-compensated’ green gas to its customers for the past 15 years, Greenchoice is one of the pioneers of green energy.

Contributed by Greenchoice

Greenchoice: Renewable energy in the Netherlands



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