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What exactly is a jacket potato?

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Last update on July 26, 2018

A baking hot weekend in Amsterdam, with the promise of sunshine, refreshing drinks and trips to the beach. Carol, a British expat in Amsterdam, tries out a unique restaurant that highlights the humble spud.

It was my best friend’s birthday, so we decided to start the festivities with a nice lunch. We had both wandered past Jacketz a number of times while doing the groceries on a rushed Saturday, but this time we had the opportunity to sample its delights!

The concept is straightforward. Jacketz is an eatery in Amsterdam where the basis of your meal is a potato. You have the choice between whole or half-sized jacket potatoes and then choose your filling to go on top. If there is any space left, you add other ingredients such as various cheeses; however, there are no limits.

My friend and I entered the restaurant, which was clean, light and airy, and were greeted warmly and offered a table. We opted for the elevated upper level and found a spot. We were quickly attended to by the friendly chef who asked us if we were familiar with the concept of Jacketz. We replied that it was our first time there, and he kindly explained the concept and background to us — and he finished with the claim that once we had experienced our food, we would become regulars!

We were asked what we liked to drink with the option of several fruit juices, beers and wines. We each opted for a glass of pinot grigio, which was cool and crisp, and happily chatted away, listening to the relaxed music playing in the background. Jacketz had a bright, modern atmosphere with several quotes about potatoes by famous people as well as free Wi-Fi. It is also possible to eat outside on the terrace when the weather is nice.

In no time at all, our food arrived. The portions were very reasonable and nicely presented. Each of us had a melt-in-your-mouth, soft, fluffy potato with a delicately crisp outer skin, which was baked to perfection. I went for the tuna salad with dill and crème fraiche from Normandy and my vegetarian friend went for the beetroot salad with leafy beet and pecorino cheese. We devoured our food only then realizing that the option of the half potato may be more sensible for the next time since the portions were so generous!

We got the bill, which was very reasonable and competitively priced, and left happy and full.

The chef was right: we will definitely be back!


Carol Moore