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Local band review: Can’t get enough of Amsterdam’s Two Too Many

Home Local band review: Can’t get enough of Amsterdam’s Two Too Many
Last update on July 31, 2018

Amsterdam-based rock band Two Too Many performed at Rock Club the Cave on 31 March, and expat Carol Moore was there to catch it.

I knew what to expect of Two Too Many, as I had seen them once before. But I have to say that with a much more conducive setting, they were even better. Damon, Damien, JJ and Niall, all hailing from different corners of the world, make up the band, which offers an eclectic, heavy metal type of rock and covers a wide range of classic songs. Not being a massive rock fan per se, I found them pretty darn good – and they’re definitely worth catching when they perform Sunday, 5 August at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam.

The gig in March took place in The Cave, an intimate, rough-and-ready venue that is completely suited to live performances. Once you walk down the steps, you’re immediately transported to a dark, underground large cave. Complete with what I think are the tallest, longest-haired bar staff I have ever seen!

Although being fashionably late, they launched straight into some big hitters. First up was “It’s So Easy” by Guns and Roses, and the head banging was in full swing! Damien, the lead singer, really commanded the microphone and belted out a great range of vocals. The crowd was absolutely loving it, and before we knew it, we’d gone through a good hour of nonstop classics. It got very hot and sweaty in the venue, as people danced and sang along passionately to the numbers. We got to hear some great tunes, such as “Don’t Believe a Word” and “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy, which resonated well with the audience.

Towards the second half of the gig, we got a surprise announcement: it was drummer Niall’s birthday and as such, he got to play his fiancée’s favourite song. He chose “Good Golly Miss Molly” by Chuck Berry. The crowd went wild with bass guitarist Damon and lead guitarist JJ synchronising their chords perfectly.

There’s a freshness to this band that is reflected through their obvious love of the songs they play. For anyone out there that isn’t yet a rock or metal fan, you’d be mad not to give these guys a whirl.

Top tip: if you’re a newbie to the scene, wear black to blend in with the rest of the heavy metal fans!