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Dutch news in brief – 25 February

Published on 25/02/2004

Dutch porn star in search of sex idol

Dutch porn star Kim Holland is in search of men with staying power, who look good and can quickly manifest a large erection for a novel Idols-type star search competition. The prize is a chance to star in a porn film. Applicants must apply before 1 May via email or normal post to explain why they want to become a sex idol. A minimum of two erotic photos have to be included with the application and preferably a home video. The jury and the visitors to the site www.sexydols.nl will determine who will be named the nation’s sex idol. The website was originally going to be called www.sex-idols.nl, but at the request of the producer of the real Idols television show, the name of the site was changed.

Ministers visit Dutch peacekeeping troops in Iraq

Defence Minister Henk Kamp and Foreign Affairs Minister Ben Bot were visiting Dutch peacekeeping troops in Iraq on Wednesday. There are 1,150 Dutch troops in Iraq and it is the first time that Bot has visited the contingent. The ministers are expected to return on Thursday night.

Schuurman ‘also received death-threat letter’

The man accused of sending threatening letters containing a bullet to dozens of well-known Dutch personalities also allegedly sent two death threats to actress Katja Schuurman. The arrested suspect, Peter S., allegedly said his “love letters” warned the actress he would kill her if she did not immediately break up with her boyfriend. The man was ordered by Rotterdam Court last year to undergo a psychiatric analysis at the Pieter Baan Centrum before he can face trial.

Elderly woman dies trapped in bed

An elderly woman died in the Coevorden-Hardenberg regional hospital on Saturday night when she became wedged into her hospital bed. The woman had been admitted to the Hardenberg-based hospital with a brain haemorrhage. She was agitated and was placed in a bed with sides to prevent her falling out. The hospital director said the woman was placed in a sleeping bag, but managed to get her legs free and became jammed between the bed sides and the coil mattress.

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