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Fortuyn smeared with cake

Published on January 25, 2005

14 March 2002

AMSTERDAM — Right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn had several cakes smeared into his face on Thursday at the presentation of his book launch in The Hague.

The culprits, members of the Biological Bakers Brigade, claimed their action was necessary “to break through the charisma of the unassailable extreme rights populist and to knock him from his pedestal”.

One of the activists claimed that Fortuyn was stimulating race hate, criticised the media for embracing the outspoken anti-Islamic and denounced the major political parties for accepting Fortuyn’s ideas with open arms.

The incident forced Fortuyn to delay his press conference — aimed at launching his book “The Ruin of Eight Purple Years”, a jibe at the Labour PvdA, Liberal VVD and Democrat D66 coalition government — and when it restarted, he urged Prime Minister Wim Kok to stop demonising him and fight an election campaign based on policies only.

“You are of the Dutch people, so also of me,” the Leefbaar Rotterdam leader said.

And in his attempt to establish a working order for the Rotterdam council, Fortuyn said he wanted to form a coalition with the VVD and CDA, both of which had severely criticised his policies.

Despite having won 34.7 percent of the city’s vote, the PvdA, GroenLinks and D66 had ruled out entering into a coalition with Fortuyn.

The Rotterdam councillors were also sworn installed into office on Thursday, but discussions over a working coalition are continuing.

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