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Last update on November 14, 2019

Moving around the world with your children and attending international schools is a very exciting experience. Finding the right international school, however, can be quite daunting.

Some cities offer different types of international schools, for example those with a British curriculum, an international or a European curriculum. However, sometimes you are just fortunate to get your children a place at a school.

International school in Amsterdam

This has changed, however, since the opening of the Florencius International School (FIS) in September 2017, a new international primary school with a different approach to learning.

What is new at Florencius International School?

With a teacher for every eight kids at most, children get all the attention they need. The teacher has the time to focus on the talents of each child individually and to develop their full potential. The school works with the unique, holistic concept of the four Qs to help the children develop into self-confident and global citizens:

SQ, spiritual intelligence

Building up self-esteem is one of the key factors to successful learning. When children feel they matter and know their presence is valued, they take a big step towards becoming a successful learner. The school believes that positive feedback and an individual approach are essential in order to accomplish this. An encouraging social climate, together with a well-balanced variety of rest and activity, contributes to the happiness of children. Being aware of the values and beliefs of others, and the way this can differ between nationalities, also supports the goal of becoming global citizens.

IQ,  intelligence

Every child starting at FIS receives a personal development plan based on its talents and opportunities. If extra support is needed for a specific learning challenge such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, it will be incorporated in the plan. If a child understands language at a different level than mathematics, the focus will initially be on the strengths in order to improve self-esteem. Every year new goals are set for each child individually.

EQ, emotional intelligence

Knowing what you want and what your passions are creates a great feeling and increases self-awareness. Being successful in life also involves interacting with other people and being aware of cultural differences. At Florencius International School, this is everyday practice.

PQ, physical intelligence

Florencius pays a lot of attention to healthy food and sports; a healthy mind in a healthy body. The children play indoor and outdoor sports several times a week with a focus on having fun, fair play, endurance, strength and resilience.


FIS works with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), focussing on academic, personal and international learning goals for children worldwide, in combination with innovative and exciting ways to learn.

Florencius International School is part of Florencius. The Dutch department of Florencius has worked with the holistic approach for many years, and it has proved very successful. Their experience and knowledge has been incorporated in the new international school. Florencius International School opened its doors in Amstelveen and Laren in 2017. The location in Haarlem will be opening in September 2018.

For more information, visit http://florenciusinternationalschool.com.

Contributed by Florencius International School