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Study in the Netherlands: Grants and scholarships

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Studying in the Netherlands is attractive for international students, especially if you can get a grant or scholarship to cover your studies in the Netherlands.

Besides a range of international courses, studying in the Netherlands is particularly attractive if you can qualify for a grant or scholarship. How can you make your dream to study in the Netherlands a financial reality?

Dutch education basics

Tertiary education, or third-level education as it is known in the Netherlands, is famous for high standards of education and for providing an international learning environment. Over 1,500 international courses are available, and with the majority of courses taught in English, the Netherlands is the leading education centre in Europe.

Dutch higher education is offered at both a vocational level and an academic level in either government funded or government approved institutions. Compared to other European countries, studying in the Netherlands is relatively inexpensive and highly accessible to both local and international students.

The cost of studying in the Netherlands

The cost of studying at a Dutch university or college for EU nationals differs depending on the course and the institution. NUFFIC (the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education) reports that the minimum cost of enrolment in a higher education course is EUR 1,771. The average cost of tuition fees for non-EU students starts at EUR 8000. For more information on tuition fees visit

Easing the financial drain of Dutch education

There is a range of scholarships and grants available for students wanting to study in the Netherlands. This is often through student exchange programmes or fellowship programmes offered between collaborating universities. 

One of the exchange programmes available is Eramus scholarship programme established by the European Commission. The aim of this programme is to support EU students in completing part of their education or training in another EU country.

Where do I start looking for a study grant?

Students wanting to investigate what grants and scholarships are available to support studying in the Netherlands can use the Grantfinder search engine on the NUFFIC website.

Alternatively, visit the office of student support services in your own university and request information on how to access and fund a study programme the Netherlands.

If you are already in the Netherlands

For those already living in the Netherlands, information on eligibility to Dutch educational loans for EU and EEA nationals is available from Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs. Applications and further information is available on their website:


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