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Children allowed in Amsterdam Gay Pride

Published on January 19, 2007

19 January 2007

AMSTERDAM — Children have been the given the go-ahead to participate in Amsterdam’s Gay Pride canal parade in the summer.

The gay children will have their own boat with room for 30 gay children, news service NIS reported on Friday.

The organisers of the event announced that the parents of the children would accompany them on the boat, and that the youngsters would be kept away from the more provocative boats in the event.

Gay Pride involves groups of men and women going through the canals in countless boats, often scantily clad.

And with the support of gay rights organisation COC, a 14-year-old boy has taken the initiative to have a boat with homosexual children participate on 4 August.

The minimum age for children to join him is 11.

“From this age, there is already demand among young homos to have contacts with their peers of the same proclivity,” COC said.

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