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Wei Ling


Dear Annebet,

My son will be 16 years old and will complete his GCE 'O' Level in Singapore in 2017. Which education level is GCE 'O' Level equivalent to in the Netherlands?

Best regards,
Wei Ling

by Wei Ling on 22 Nov 2016
Annebet van Mameren

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Dear Wei,

Thank you for your question. The Dutch education system in general works well, but is a bit complicated to understand. It seems that GCE-O would be equivalent to HAVO, after which a student could go to HBO (= university for applied sciences). More info about these levels you can find here:
On this website you can see which studies are available in English:

Good luck and best wishes,
Annebet van Mameren, New2nl

by Annebet van Mameren on 24 Nov 2016

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