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MSc, BA, APFS, MSCI As a Chartered Financial Planner and Investment Adviser, operating internationally, I am well equipped to answer any questions or queries relating to all types of international investments and pensions.


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Patrick Phillips

Hi Russell,

My wife (46 years old) and I (51 years old) worked and lived in the Netherlands for 15 years. I worked for the 15 years and my wife worked 10 of the 15 years, remaining 5 years as a stay at home mother.

I am a New Zealand citizen who had residence through my wife's Dutch nationality. We left NL in July 2014 and have been residing in Australia since then. I am also contributing to Australian Super via employer contributions.

I have paid into a Company Superannuation managed by Aegon. I have failed to get any response from Aegon in my queries regarding the Portability of the Superannuation and the tax implications of this and if the tax implications are prohibitive, how my wife and I would go about accessing the private portion of our pension when we are resident in a country other than NL (likely to be either NZ or Australia). Is this something your company would be able to advise on?

by Patrick Phillips on 28 Mar 2018 Read Answer

Hello Russel, how are you doing?

I explain to you my situation, I am a Belgian citizen currently in Dublin right now coming back to my base in London. My wife is Brazilian and we met in China. We are actors, self-employed, and I am as well a football coach. so we really travel a lot. I really need a great expat pension plan as Belgian one is useless and getting worst. could you recommend me one please, it would be amazing? Thank you so much for your interest and answer.

Have a great weekend

by TANGUY DE BACKER on 27 Jan 2018 Read Answer

Hi Russell,

As a Dutch national and UK resident I have both a company pension plan and a SIPP and now looking to move to Switzerland. I am aware of QROPS essentially being stopped there and now wonder what can be done to safe guard my very significant UK pensions. I am especially worried by the fact that for any future withdrawals (to start 10-20 years from now!) I will need a UK bank account with my 2 providers which I am not sure I will still be able to have although I plan to hold on to my UK accounts as long as possible. Brexit adds another layer of uncertainty as leaving now will mean I give up an settled status for the time being as well, although I've lived here over 12 years. What do you advise in my situation please? Thanks, Chris

by Chris on 22 Sep 2017 Read Answer

Hi Russel, do you or an insurance company you know of provide assistant in calculating the maths for the future retirement expected premium?
I have a company pension but from the amount paid monthly/yearly, I would like to know what would be the expected premium when I get 67. And if it would be not enough, how much it is required for the private contribution.

by Andrey on 14 Sep 2017 Read Answer
Follow-up question:

Hi Russell, thanks for the answer. As I'm good math fan, I would like to make the math.

What does 'r' mean? Also, the income is monthly or yearly? And last and not least, do you provide this kind of consultancy? I can make the math but I'm not sure if the value is going to be correct.



by Andrey on 25 Sep 2017 Read Answer

I am a 25 year old American living and working in France. I am unsure how I should start my retirement fund. I dont know what is the best way to start at this age but I know I want to start now. I also don't know how many years I will live here in France (could be a couple, could be forever, or could be on and off between here and the US), which makes it more confusing to me on how to save. Can you give me some tips on how I should start a retirement fund? What types of accounts are transferrable? Thank you!!!

by Hannah on 03 Aug 2017 Read Answer
Nigel Ironside

I am 70 years old UK citizen, living in Germany now drawing my UK pension which is paid here in Germany.
Owing to Brexit I have taken dual citizenship. I am married with no children.
What will happen to my UK pension, if Brexit goes through, and how can I secure it so that my 10 year younger Wife will still receive both it and (when due on her 63rd birthday) be able to hold onto her own UK pension on my death?
What financial instruments should I be looking into?
yours sincerely,

by Nigel Ironside on 19 May 2017 Read Answer
Miriam Vigodsky

Hi Russel,
I am looking for advice on how to invest over £90,000 I now have in a British Bank account - earning no interest. As a low earning freelancer, I may need to use some of the money when I retire - I will be 60 this year. The rest will go to my two children after my death - or perhaps some of it sooner.
I have already bought a small apartment for investment in France - I spend most of my time there. I am considering whether it would be better to give it to my children now. My children are in their twenties.
Perhaps you can recommend someone to advise me in the Netherlands.
I will be in Amsterdam from the end of May until 20 June.

Thank you,

by Miriam Vigodsky on 08 May 2017 Read Answer

I've just read your piece on Portable retirement planning. I might be changing employer and might have to make my own pension arrangements. I wonder if you can name or recommend any international retirement plans? Thanks

by Paul on 21 Mar 2017 Read Answer

Hi Russell,

I wonder if you could make a recommendation for the following scenario:

- I have a small amount of pension contributions in a plan from my permanent employment in the UK
- I now freelance in Germany
- I have no idea where I will be retiring - it could be anywhere!

I need to transfer the small pot of money into a fund I could then contribute to from various countries I may live and work in.

Is there a solution you would recommend?

Thank you,

by Kris on 21 Feb 2017 Read Answer
Prachi Vyas

Hello Russell,

I would like to invest 10% of my monthly income for short-medium term in the Netherlands. I live here for 6 years now and have no future plan to move to another country. I am not sure how to select a firm/bank to do such investment. Also, I would like if they support the contract/advice in English.

May you please provide some suggestions or the same?

Thank you,

by Prachi Vyas on 08 Feb 2017 Read Answer

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