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The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and you may be struggling to find the right school. New2nl helps you or your employees navigate the system with confidence.

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Rick Deacon

Hi Annebet,

I am a 33 year old resident of the United Kingdom and am interested in relocating to the Netherlands.
I am a full time working professional with 7 years experience in the IT industry. The type of work I have experience with is mainly customer facing and so I would need to speak the local language to be able to transfer that work to a foreign speaking country.
I am looking at adult education as a way to learn Dutch and integrate myself into Dutch society and culture. I would be looking at studying a full time course (possibly self funded) in an IT related subject to further my education.
I have already emailed one university (University of Twente) who advised that the vast majority of students enrolling are around the age of 18, and also that I would need an A-Grade in both English and Mathematics as a pre-requisite.
Are you able to offer any advice on alternative education that doesn't have such strict pre-requisites, or an alternative suggestion on moving to The Netherlands.

Thank You for time and any advice you may be able to offer


by Rick Deacon on 29 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Denisa Manojlovic

Dear Annebet,
I'm a physiotherapy Master's degree student at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm applying for the Erasmus+ programme and I would really like to come to the Nederlands, but my University doesn't have a bilateral agreement with any Dutch University, so it's up to me to find a suitable one and convince them establish an agreement with Ljubljana.
I'm particularly interested in sports physiotherapy, so I was wondering if you have and recommendation on which universities should I concentrate the most. Ideally I would like to be in Amsterdam but am open to other cities also.
I know it's a long shot, but it's worth a try.
Thank you in advance

by Denisa Manojlovic on 20 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Murilo Cruz

Hi Annebet,

I am from Brazil and have a 4 year old child, who speaks Portuguese only. I just got an offer to work for a company in Amsterdan, and before accepting I am trying to understand how my boy will react to this move, and how the education system in the Netherlands deals with children who are neither dutch nor english speakers. What kind of school would you recommend me in the case that I accept the offer and choose to move to Amsterdam?

Thank you

by Murilo Cruz on 11 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Heather Kaulbach

Hi Annebet, my 12 year old daughter is completing her last year in SBO, where she has been for two years. She has ADD and Dyslexia, but is also a bright, creative and hard-working kid. My husband and I were shocked to hear that she will likely not qualify for VMBO due to her test scores. We have looked into the Dutch PRO education and do not feel this is a good fit for her. Are there any options for us to assist her with retesting, an extra year of primary school or tutoring to help get her to the next level? We feel strongly she has great potential and just needs some extra support since she was very late getting help with her learning difficulties. We are unclear on what options if any exist in the Dutch education system. She is bilingual, speaking near native English and native Dutch. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

by Heather Kaulbach on 10 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Cheryl Boyd

My family is planning a move to Eindhoven early 2016. My 18-year-old daughter is considering attending Tilburg University for a bachelor's in their Liberal Arts & Sciences program. If we are residents of the Netherlands, is she eligible for a tuition waiver and to only pay tuition as an EU national? If not, is there a student loan program to cover the 8300 euro tuition?

by Cheryl Boyd on 08 Nov 2015 Read Answer

Hi, we are moving to Haarlem in January, can you recommend any local schools for our 6 year old daughter? She has no Dutch language skills but we would prefer her to attend a Dutch school what advice can you offer prior to her starting? Really appreciate any help or tips you can provide. Thank you

by Alan on 03 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Linda Verstappen

Hi, I am married to a Dutch man and living in the Netherlands, my daughter who is 16 will be moving over here in June after she has finished her English exams. She want's to attend a Dutch school in the North of Holland, we are in the Province of Groningen, She will be taking exams in textiles, art, geography, French as well as English and Maths. If she was to stay in the Uk (which she doesn't want) she would be going to sixth form or college, what sort of school would she attend in Holland . Just a bit confused, would it be a school or college? Thanks, Linda.

by Linda Verstappen on 02 Nov 2015 Read Answer

Hi. We are moving to Amstelveen next year. My daughter is 8 and son is 11. Are there public schools that will be able to accommodate them with English being their first language? What would you advise?

by Catherine on 25 Oct 2015 Read Answer

We are from asia, my son who is 13 years a National Champion in go-Karter and wants to race in European Go karting Championship. He was racing last year in Europe with and team in Netherlands and this year want to continue the same, hence i would like to shift him for education in Netherlands. can you please advise about education system in Netherlands, can he get scholarship or free education?

by Suji on 05 Oct 2015 Read Answer

Dear Annebet,
My name is Anastasia. I come from Greece and I am planning to move to Netherlands within the next months. I am a qualified and certified Greek secondary school teacher in my country and a year ago I completed a Masters in Special Needs in the UK. I have worked voluntarily as a teaching assistant in a special school in the UK and I have great references from my placement there.

What job opportunities do I have in Netherlands? Do I have to get my degrees recognised by the DUO in order to get a job? Am I qualified to work in a kindergarten?

Thank you in advance for your time and your responce.

by Anastasia on 04 Oct 2015 Read Answer

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