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The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and you may be struggling to find the right school. New2nl helps you or your employees navigate the system with confidence.

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Hestia Brown

My so is currently completing his A Levels in Physics Maths and Computing. He is very interested to go study in The Netherlands. We do have information from some universities, as he would I've to dying the field of engineering. He is a Dutch citizen. What benefits would he be entire to? We are looking at 2017 entry.

Thank you,
Hestia den Dunnen

by Hestia Brown on 24 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Maria del Carmen Garcia

Dear Annebet, coming summer we are moving to the Netherlands (Den Haag) with our 3 kids aged 10, 14 and 16, can you get us a list of schools where they can continue their education and learn Dutch? we heard of the Eerste Opvang Andeligen, schakelklas and kopklas. Thanks for your help.

by Maria del Carmen Garcia on 23 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Annette Kalderen

American family moving to the Netherlands for work. Kids in primary school - do not speak Dutch. Can they go to a local Dutch school? What assistance will be provided to help the children learn Dutch? Is there a cost to this extra help? Thank you!

by Annette Kalderen on 15 Feb 2016 Read Answer


I am 22 and Greek and I reside in Greece. I have a job offer from a multinational company in the Netherlands. It's a 6 months contract for university students and/or university graduates. I am a recent graduate. I graduated in September of 2015.

They offer me 300 euros per month for housing and gross 500 euros per month for personal expenses.

How much money will I earn net per month? Do I get insurance from the company or should I get go private? I really can not find support online.

Thank you very much

by Jason on 29 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Roxane Phillips

I am possibly moving back to Holland in August with my 8 year old daughter. She has been in the French system since she was 3 but is a native English speaker. Circumstances mean that expensive international schools are not an option and I am looking at dutch/english as a possibility. Any guidance you can give me on this would be gratefully received. Thank you for your attention to my request.
Regards Roxane

by Roxane Phillips on 21 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Carmen Garcia

We are planning to move to Holland this year, we have 3 dutch nationals as children who speak Spanish and English, they are 10, 14 and 15, it seems impossible for us to get there paying around 11,000 euros at a international school, if they attend an immersion year (I am sure in less than that they will learn Dutch), after that, will they be located at their respective academic level? As now they are in primary, secondary and second semester of international baccalaureate, respectively. Thanks.

by Carmen Garcia on 09 Jan 2016 Read Answer

Hi Annebet,
We are now leaving in Amsterdam and thinking to stay here for good. My child is 8 years old and currently attending tweetalen school in Amsterdam. Because of unfortunate situation we are now thinking for him to join British School of Amsterdam where he will continue to learn Dutch properly. He is very bright boy and we were hoping for him after primary school to join the Dutch gymnasium. Is it possible for a child to join gymnasium from BS with good level of Dutch and does he needs to do any entrance exams? So far his cito test results were outstanding.
Thank you very much in advance.
Best wishes

by Maya on 08 Jan 2016 Read Answer

Hello Annebet,
My husband and I are planning to move to the Netherlands using the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. (We're looking at Maastricht, but are open to anywhere really.) We currently own a preschool in America (for children 3-5 years old) and intended to open a similar program in NL. However, I'm having a difficult time in finding out if this is viable. Are the Voorschools public (as in state-operated)? Is it possible to open a private preschool? Is there even a need in the community? If so, would you be able to direct me to the requirements of opening a private preschool? I'm also wondering if most children do enter primary school when they turn 4?
Thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide!

by Mallory on 04 Jan 2016 Read Answer

Dear Annebet,
Could you help please with a question, I'm a knowledge migrant, living in the Netherlands with my wife mostly 2 years. My wife is interested in studying for a masters degree here, is she allowed to get financial support for that if we are not EU citizens?

by Vlad on 22 Dec 2015 Read Answer

Hello, Annebet, I am Kathy from Hong Kong. I am 15 years old, currently studying in the High school in Hong Kong. I have a Dutch passport and I want to study in a Dutch high school next school year. I want to ask if the main teaching language in the local high schools was English or Dutch. I am not very rich that I can have an opportunity to study in the internationals schools. I asked the government if I could get fund if I study in the international schools and they replied with 'no'. If the local high schools are using English as the teaching languages, that will be great for me because I don't know how to speak, write and listen Dutch. Can you list the local high schools, located in Rotterdam? Thank you

by Kathy on 09 Dec 2015 Read Answer

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