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The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and you may be struggling to find the right school. New2nl helps you or your employees navigate the system with confidence.


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Vamsi priya

Hi, I'll be moving to NL shortly and my office is in Heerlen. I need an international school for my 10 year old kid, please can you suggest the international schools near to Heerlen so I can take a house near to school and I can travel to office by train even if its far. Also what is the chance of getting admission into 5th grade in terms of vacancies? Cheers

by Vamsi priya on 07 May 2016 Read Answer
Ruth Noble

Hi Annebet
My 9 yr old son is currently home educated and I am concerned what we would do if my husband gets a job in the Netherlands, as I know school is compulsory there. My question is: what is the maximum amount/proportion of time my son could spend in NL per year without being required to attend school? I would be very grateful if you could signpost me to someone who might know the answer if you are unable to help directly yourself.
Many thanks

by Ruth Noble on 22 Apr 2016 Read Answer

My son, having completed his CBSE 10th class from Delhi board, and would like to join in Holland for high school 11th class in English. Are there any government English medium schools for my son, EU national. We would like to know how much will be the fees per year. My elder son is studying in Delft in university. Can my younger son join school and how can he manage with Dutch if he has to learn from beginning. How will he be able to cope with the education which is in high school if the studies are also in Dutch? please advise. Thank you.

by Jen on 15 Apr 2016 Read Answer


I've got job offer from a company based in Amsterdam and I have some questions about the education system there.

I have 2 boys, one is 4.5 years old and the other is 8 months. If I go there in November can I apply to primary school for my 4.5 years old boy? When he can start and what are the options?

Same question is also for my 8 months boy. Can I apply for a day care (kindergarden) whenever I want?

And if you know what are the general school hours and prices(also after school).


by Rony on 11 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Hestia Brown

My so is currently completing his A Levels in Physics Maths and Computing. He is very interested to go study in The Netherlands. We do have information from some universities, as he would I've to dying the field of engineering. He is a Dutch citizen. What benefits would he be entire to? We are looking at 2017 entry.

Thank you,
Hestia den Dunnen

by Hestia Brown on 24 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Maria del Carmen Garcia

Dear Annebet, coming summer we are moving to the Netherlands (Den Haag) with our 3 kids aged 10, 14 and 16, can you get us a list of schools where they can continue their education and learn Dutch? we heard of the Eerste Opvang Andeligen, schakelklas and kopklas. Thanks for your help.

by Maria del Carmen Garcia on 23 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Annette Kalderen

American family moving to the Netherlands for work. Kids in primary school - do not speak Dutch. Can they go to a local Dutch school? What assistance will be provided to help the children learn Dutch? Is there a cost to this extra help? Thank you!

by Annette Kalderen on 15 Feb 2016 Read Answer


I am 22 and Greek and I reside in Greece. I have a job offer from a multinational company in the Netherlands. It's a 6 months contract for university students and/or university graduates. I am a recent graduate. I graduated in September of 2015.

They offer me 300 euros per month for housing and gross 500 euros per month for personal expenses.

How much money will I earn net per month? Do I get insurance from the company or should I get go private? I really can not find support online.

Thank you very much

by Jason on 29 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Roxane Phillips

I am possibly moving back to Holland in August with my 8 year old daughter. She has been in the French system since she was 3 but is a native English speaker. Circumstances mean that expensive international schools are not an option and I am looking at dutch/english as a possibility. Any guidance you can give me on this would be gratefully received. Thank you for your attention to my request.
Regards Roxane

by Roxane Phillips on 21 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Carmen Garcia

We are planning to move to Holland this year, we have 3 dutch nationals as children who speak Spanish and English, they are 10, 14 and 15, it seems impossible for us to get there paying around 11,000 euros at a international school, if they attend an immersion year (I am sure in less than that they will learn Dutch), after that, will they be located at their respective academic level? As now they are in primary, secondary and second semester of international baccalaureate, respectively. Thanks.

by Carmen Garcia on 09 Jan 2016 Read Answer

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