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The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and you may be struggling to find the right school. New2nl helps you or your employees navigate the system with confidence.

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We are currently trying to move in Heemskerk Netherlands.
I have 2 children. They are currently 12 years and 10 years.
They used to live in UK for last 10 years. But they can not speak Dutch at all.
However we would like to apply local school. Where should we contact to get advice on enrollment to school?

by Eui on 13 Jun 2016 Read Answer

I'm 17 years old and we are moving to the Netherlands and I am supposed to attend a language class first then a local Dutch school. What are my opportunities in high school as the Dutch educational system is different. I am not sure what my options are. Can you help?

by Rowida on 09 Jun 2016 Read Answer


I have a 5-year-old daughter who I suspect has high functioning autism. She is highly intelligent but gets overwhelmed by noise and therefore it is difficult for her to participate in school. We were told in 2014 by her school they cater to special need children. For a year I was trying to get them to give my daughter extra help. Three months ago they finally allowed a helper to work one on one with her for an afternoon on Mondays. The teachers, the helper, and I have seen progress but according to the teachers and helper it's not enough. They believe a special education school will be better. I would like to know the laws on how mainstream schools are required to handle children with special needs. One of the reasons I chose this school was because without even asking we were told they cater to children with special needs. If she is showing progress in three months despite if she has good days and bad do they have a right to stop the help and say it's not enough? Is that considered doing the best they can by law?

by Melissa on 01 Jun 2016 Read Answer
Dr Deborah Eid

Dear Annebet,
I am a dentist (20 years practising) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I want to emigrate to NL.
I do not know how the schooling system in NL works.
I have a 16yr old son who is currently in grade 10 in a very good private school here, where he is doing academically very well.
What are the options to put him into an English-medium school, at the relevant grade? Approximately how much will the fees be, and how do school terms work?

Many thanks

by Dr Deborah Eid on 30 May 2016 Read Answer

We have twins that will be 3 this December and have just been advised that we will be relocated to Amsterdam at the end of the summer. Neither parents speak Dutch. We are deeply concerned at not totally disrupting their lives. As such, we wish to find a full time creche and primary school and chose our home on that basis. What options do we have available in terms of ensuring the easiest transition for them?

by DECA on 15 May 2016 Read Answer


My family may be moving to the Amsterdam in August, where my husband will be working. We are American and have 2 boys that will be coming with us. Ages 10 and 12. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the education options and we are not quite sure that the company will pay for school. Please help me understand what the options are for my non-Dutch speaking children and the general cost of each option. The younger is ADHD and I'm not sure how well he will adapt. We were told that choosing a place to live should be secondary to choosing a school for the boys. Any advice you can provide would be very helpful.

Thank you

by Mandi on 12 May 2016 Read Answer
Vamsi priya

Hi, I'll be moving to NL shortly and my office is in Heerlen. I need an international school for my 10 year old kid, please can you suggest the international schools near to Heerlen so I can take a house near to school and I can travel to office by train even if its far. Also what is the chance of getting admission into 5th grade in terms of vacancies? Cheers

by Vamsi priya on 07 May 2016 Read Answer
Ruth Noble

Hi Annebet
My 9 yr old son is currently home educated and I am concerned what we would do if my husband gets a job in the Netherlands, as I know school is compulsory there. My question is: what is the maximum amount/proportion of time my son could spend in NL per year without being required to attend school? I would be very grateful if you could signpost me to someone who might know the answer if you are unable to help directly yourself.
Many thanks

by Ruth Noble on 22 Apr 2016 Read Answer

My son, having completed his CBSE 10th class from Delhi board, and would like to join in Holland for high school 11th class in English. Are there any government English medium schools for my son, EU national. We would like to know how much will be the fees per year. My elder son is studying in Delft in university. Can my younger son join school and how can he manage with Dutch if he has to learn from beginning. How will he be able to cope with the education which is in high school if the studies are also in Dutch? please advise. Thank you.

by Jen on 15 Apr 2016 Read Answer


I've got job offer from a company based in Amsterdam and I have some questions about the education system there.

I have 2 boys, one is 4.5 years old and the other is 8 months. If I go there in November can I apply to primary school for my 4.5 years old boy? When he can start and what are the options?

Same question is also for my 8 months boy. Can I apply for a day care (kindergarden) whenever I want?

And if you know what are the general school hours and prices(also after school).


by Rony on 11 Apr 2016 Read Answer

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