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Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

Hi Team,

What is the normal processing time for obtaining a work permit to work in The Netherlands ?


by Nishanth on 18 Oct 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

Hello Micheal,
I am a US/Dutch dual citizen and have been living in the Netherlands for the past 12 or so years. I got my US drivers license when I still lived in the US, and often use it when I return there for vacation. I never exchanged my US license for a Dutch one because I do not have a car here, and did not see the necessity. However, I would now like to have a Dutch drivers license, but I do not want to have to give up my US license (since I visit the US very frequently and drive there). Is it possible for me to have both valid licenses at the same time? If so, how would I go about arranging my Dutch drivers license?

by Kala on 14 Aug 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

Dear Michael,
I have a subscription for rental agency green wheels. I also have paid for the insurance and I pay extra 4 Eur per ride to decrease my maximum liability.
Last month I was driving their car and it got punctured/flat tyre in between and then went few meters to cycle lane and then it got bump in bottom of car also the right tyre which got punctured its tyre rim was twisted.

Now I got a letter from them saying I will have to pay all the damages even though I have paid insurance because I was driving in bus lane. There was off course a bus lane nearby, but I was not driving there.
After flat tyre people helped in moving the car aside in doing that the bottom got more hit because of flat tyre.

I called them they are saying I was driving in bus lane they got this information from guy who came to tow, but I was not and I cannot prove.

What I can do in this case ?

by Manish Pandey on 09 Aug 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

Hi Michael,

I have a question, I hope this will find you in a good state.

I am an Indian national and recently relocated to NL.

Question: I am about to opt for a driving class and exam in Netherlands for a car license. Regarding the health test prior to this, do we need to get the test done completely like eye test etc? Or we can just declare that we are ok health wise. Every test here incur a lot of cost to do.


by Samit on 12 Jul 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson


I don't know if you can help me with this, it 's not the right section but it's the closest I could find.

I'm going to relocate to Netherlands soon, and am looking for commute options from Utrecht area to kinderdijk. Preferably without a car.

As a second option what would be the best place to commute from, to both utrecht and kinderdijk area.

From my research that's about an hour by car. Are there any other options.

by Jasminko levat on 05 Jul 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

I am in the Netherlands in to buy a van (closed box). I've found one from a car seller. I am planning to bring the van outside the country and re-register abroad. The seller told the van APK has just expired. Is it safe to buy a used car without APK? Can I bring the car abroad without it? How much is the price for a van up to 3500 kg?
Which guarantees do I have buying a car in the country?

by Paolo on 09 Jun 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

My husband is working in the Netherlands as an expat from US (30% ruling) since November/December and we just found out we will be moving back to US this summer. Do we need to turn in our US driver's license for a Dutch license since we will be here less than a year?

by Kim on 25 May 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

Dear Mr. Davidson,
I am from Ecuador, I have an Ecuadorian driving license and I need a Dutch one.
Since I already know how to drive, do I need to take the course? If so, how much and how long does it take? If not, where can I take the test and does it cost?
Thank you for your advice,
Tatiana Coba

by Tatiana on 26 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

My car will be exempt from BPM, I believe because I owned it previously in Ireland. Therefore I will bring it to Netherlands but will return to Ireland in a number of years probably with the car. Can I register the car with Irish plates with the Dutch authorities, pay all taxes etc. and retain the plates or must I definitely have Dutch plates to drive it, get insurance, etc.

Also do you know any companies which will insure Right Hand Drive Cars in Netherlands. Thanks for your help

by John Kiernan on 05 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson

I am an expat from the USA in NL on a contract for work. I have just bought a blue plate scooter. Before they can release the scooter to me the shop advised that I must take proof of residency (which i obtained from City Hall) to the CBR to get the registration. I tried to look up hours of the CBR online and the only things I see are courses to earn a license. Do I need to take some type of exam to get a license for a blue plate scooter?

Thank you in advance,

by Erin on 16 Feb 2016 Read Answer

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