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Daniella Rubinovitz
Daniella Rubinovitz

Dear Ms. Rubinovitz,

Do you know of any theater or film communities in Leiden?

Best regards,


by Nueng on 23 Jun 2013 Read Answer
Daniella Rubinovitz
Daniella Rubinovitz

Hi Daniella, I moved to Doetinchem from Texas/USA six months ago. I am really having trouble adjusting to the lack of stores in this area - specifically hobby/craft stores. Where do the Dutch shop for craft supplies? I'm used to giant box stores with ever imaginable craft supply - the Dutch are so handy, but where do they get their supplies?! Thanks, Terri

by Terri Spijkerman on 25 Nov 2012 Read Answer
Daniella Rubinovitz
Daniella Rubinovitz

Dear expert,

I'm looking for a (digital) photography basics class or a workshop for English speakers. Is there such a thing being offered by a company or an institute in Amsterdam? Thanks in advance.


by Boyka Valkova on 16 Oct 2011 Read Answer

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