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Erika Berkhof
Erika Berkhof

Dear Expert,

I am a nurse in America. How can I get a work permit? What is the cost? How long does it take?


by Renee on 10 Apr 2012 Read Answer
Erika Berkhof
Erika Berkhof

Hi Erika,
I've been working in an international company here in Holland for almost 2 years now and there are times that I'm coping in understanding my colleagues, especially during discussions.
I have a wide knowledge of the english language but there are times that I feel that my colleagues may have misunderstood me and sometimes I misunderstand them.
Is there any training or courses you can recommend me to attend in improving my communication skills with my Dutch colleagues.
Thank you.

by methyle on 18 May 2010 Read Answer
Erika Berkhof
Erika Berkhof

I am a Canadian citizen living with my Dutch partner near Eindhoven. I am wondering if I need to take the Inburguring Course and there have been changes lately. If yes, is it free for Canadians to take it? If not, how much do I need to pay? I am currently working fulltime, do you know if there are night courses?

by Amanda on 28 Apr 2010 Read Answer

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