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Stephan Roelofs
Stephan Roelofs

Hi Stephan,

I hope you're doing great today!

I have an important query in regards to immigration-related to citizenship and legalization. I have been living in the Netherlands for 3 years and 2 months now, married to a Dutch national for 2 years and 10 months, working for 3 years and a month already with a permanent contract. Things don't go well for me and my husband and there was a threat that he would send me back home and cancel my visa. I have already applied for my citizenship last March and currently waiting for approval. My question is, does he have the right to send me home and cancel my 5 years visa? If no, do you think my Dutch citizenship application will be denied in case we will divorce and leave/change home address?

I really need your help and advise and I hope to hear from you. Have a great day and more power!

Best regards,

by MGC on 30 May 2018 Read Answer
Pieter Krop
Pieter Krop

Hey Pieter,

I am an Egyptian citizen and currently a master's student at University of Glasgow in Scotland. I want to apply for the one-year orientation visa in the Netherlands to look for a job there. I looked through the required documents and got a bit confused. is it only required to have an English language test score of 6 or I must to the Dutch language test as well? knowing that my programme is taught in English.

thank you

by Sammer Elsayed on 28 May 2018 Read Answer
Hermie de Voer
Hermie de Voer

Beste Hermie,

My Tax preparer has included a claim for health care allowance on my 2017 filing. It amounts to €89 per month or a total of €1100 (approximately).
I am currently waiting for Immigration to approve my request for Permanent Residency and I am worried that this request would negatively effect my Residency aspirations, that it would position me as someone who wants to take advantage of Social verzekering.

I have not made any income since December 2015 by choice, choosing to live on my own hard-earned savings. I have lived in NL since 2002, working hard, paying taxes. I bought a house and spend a lot of time fixing it up, taking a break from full-time employment.

Now though, despite being self-sufficient and a good citizen on paper for 16+ years, I do not wish to endanger my request for permanent residency.

Grateful for your advice.

by L Wills on 24 May 2018 Read Answer
Hermie de Voer
Hermie de Voer

Dear Hermie,

I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 4 years on the resident permit issued under article 10 EU directive. My wife is a German citizen and both of us have permanent contracts with our employers. I have read that I can apply for the permanent residence under the article 20 directive of EU. Is this different from the Dutch permanent residency? If yes, are the terms and conditions under which it is issued are different as well? I’m enquiring about the part of the financial and the language requirements.

Thank you for your answer.

by Varun on 21 May 2018 Read Answer
Hermie de Voer
Hermie de Voer

Dear Hermier,

I am a non-EU citizen from Azerbaijan living in Lisbon, Portugal since 2015
and have student residencey including a work permit (2.5 years). I am in a relationship for 2 years with an Italian girl. During this period we had a chance to live together in our rented apartment from 2nd February 2017 until beginning of September 2017(7 month). 
She has left Lisbon in September for studying Master degree in Utrecht University. The rental contract was only in my name and she was not registered in any legal department as living with me. Besides that, we have a relationship set in Facebook already 1.5 years, including many pictures that were shared during these 2 years in Instagram and Facebook. 
Right now, I want to move to the Netherlands to work as I have finished my Master degree in Lisbon.

Question 1:
I have seen on the internet that if we have lived together for 6 month, I can go there and immediately begin to work.
Is it right? How should we show to authorities that we have lived together and that we are still partners? (Form or declaration that my landlord can fill in or etc.)
Question 2:
I saw on the internet that there is not any minimum salary requirement for EU citizens. Just small amount of money in bank account is enough. 
Is this right? If it is, then how much approximately should be this amount?
Question 3:
If I come there right now and we register ourselves as partner, do I have chance to begin work directly or do I have to wait 6 month and live together before getting a work permit.
Note: I have EU temporary student permit (including working) in Portugal, so I can go to Netherlands at any time and apply for everything immediately.

Thank you in advance

Your Sincerely,
Kamran Huseynov

by Kamran Huseynov on 14 May 2018 Read Answer
Hermie de Voer
Hermie de Voer

I would like to have more information for family reunification. I already have the Dutch nationality and would like to bring my father (he is 62 and divorced) over. I have a brother and a sister that are below 25 and still in university - so I am the only daughter that is working.

by Danielle Beltran Sierra on 10 May 2018 Read Answer
Stephan Roelofs
Stephan Roelofs

Dear Mr. Stephan,

Thank you for helping people.
I am a Palestinian, living in Kuwait with a Canadian Bachelors degree in Business Administration (Marketing Concentration). 10 years of Marketing and Advertising Experience.

I have been trying a lot to get an online interview but failed to do so. I know that the vacancy of any job first has to be published for 5 weeks on NL market and afterwards for 5 weeks on EU market. So a very long procedure.

I think in this case I will never get an interview, what are my options?

P,S, I only speak English and Arabic

Thank you very much :)

by Khalid Al-Masry on 03 May 2018 Read Answer
Bram van Melle
Bram van Melle

Hi Bram,
I am holding Karat Pobyuta (temp residence and work permit) for Poland.
Can you share some insight whether I'm eligible to work in any EU zone based on this card?
I know if I apply for ex - Germany, then based on this card, my Employer will submit the details (request for permit) and will get a work permit for Germany based on the card I'm holding.. do you think this is the case?

Thanks for your help in advance.

by Josh on 30 Apr 2018 Read Answer
Bram van Melle
Bram van Melle

Dear Bram,
I am a Ukrainian who lived and worked in the Netherlands since January 2012 as a knowledge migrant. My work permit was renewed on time. After 5 years, I asked IND if I can apply for a permanent permit and they said 'yes'. I just passed my inburgeren exams and about to get my diploma now. However, on February 23 I lost my job, and now live on unemployment benefits. The benefits would last until January 2019, according to UWV, but not if I am forced to leave the country. According to IND, I have 3 months to find a job or must leave. To stay, I would like to apply for permanent residence, even though I have not found a new job yet. One of the requirements for a permanent residence permit is 'having sufficient long-term income', such as a 1-year contract. Although I have unemployment benefits, they will not last a full year, and they essentially depend on IND's decision regarding my permit. Will my application for permanent residency be declined? How can I make this application successful and stay in the country with my family? Thank you very much in advance.

by Victor Klymko on 27 Apr 2018 Read Answer
Stephan Roelofs
Stephan Roelofs

Hi Stephan,

My wife and I are MVV visa holders. Is it possible to work in London using the MVV visa? Or is a separate work permit required?
If it is NOT possible to work in London, does the MVV visa allow travel to London for business meetings, etc?



by kanav khurana on 26 Apr 2018 Read Answer

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