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Louis Passos
Louis Passos

I have recently had an house fire, myself and family were left homeless.
We were lucky to in that we could stay with oma. until we got temporary housing.
As this happenend in the earlie hours in the morning we had a lot to organise, including informing my work.
I informed my work of my situation and the fact that me and my family were homeless..
my question is this.
are their any laws that state that the days i took off being made homeless come under any special heading..
My human resource manager told me the that 3 days i took off would be classed as holidays and their are no special days that cover me being homeless from house fire.

by lee andrews on 24 Feb 2018 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

I have been a PhD student for four years at a Dutch university. My contract expired, but a new short three-month contract was immediately added. Will I still be eligible for transitievergoeding once the short three-month contract ends and I have to seek work?

by Kate on 17 Oct 2017 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Dear Mr. Louis Passos
I have a couple with whom I have been friends for many years, a few years ago they migrated to the Netherlands and live there permanently. This couple are pensioners in their 80's. He is a non EU citizen and she is a British citizen, she speaks no Dutch what so ever and he speaks very little. I live in Australia but visit them every year and am very concerned for their well being. The problem is that they need assistance with banking and pension details as far as submitting information to social services who "top up" their pensions and provide other services, this has to be done every 6 months, I undertsand. Currently, a family member is doing this for them but under great sufferance, their information is being passed onto another family member who is taking advantage and "extracting" money from them.

My question is: Is there some way of finding someone (honest) who can read and write Dutch who will assist them with their paper work for a small fee?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,

by Charles on 05 Aug 2017 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos


I'm a Spanish guy that has been working for a multinational company for the last 5 years (full time job managing a team inside the company). I have been located in Spain during all this time.

Instead of being hired by the company, I have had a freelance agreement with this company, which in Spain is illegal (the company gets rid of paying social insurance taxes). This freelance contract has been signed between me and the company delegation in the Netherlands.

I wonder if I'm protected by the dutch law as the contract has been signed with a dutch company or I don't have any right in the Netherlands as I have performed my activity in Spain.

Thank you very much.

by Carlos on 15 Feb 2017 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

We are a Canadian family considering an offer from a Dutch consultancy company.

We understand that Dutch tax payers have access to parental leave for children under 8. Should we mention in the negotiations that we plan to access this? or wait until my husband settles in to the role? How typical a request is this from a new employee

We understand that we may have access to the 30% tax break for highly skilled migrants. Does this bar us for accessing parental benefits? do we loose access to any other social benefits?

What do you think would be viewed better by the employer... a request to access Dutch parental leave, or a request for unpaid leave?

by Rebecca Smollett on 18 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Hi Louis,

I'm an American who has lived in the Netherlands for 5,5 years as a kennismigrant. For a variety of reasons, I'm searching for a new job. I understand that a prospective new employer would need to essentially take over the sponsorship of my residence.

My question is the following. If I leave my current job before I have another lined up, how long do I have to find something new? Is it thirty days?

Assuming I have the means to support myself, how should I change my purpose of stay to allow me to continue to live and work (if this is necessary)?

Thank you in advance.


by Eric Hanson on 04 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Hi Mr. Louis,

Thanks for spending your valuable time with us.

Please help me to clarify, since long back I was trying to catch up something about the job hiring, expatriates entry procedures, what are the minimum qualifications are required to get the right placement.

About myself, in short, I am an Indian, currently working in Gulf shipping firm as a Shipping export documentation and Customer service officer, I very much passionate to enhance my career in Europe or any neighbouring countries.

Please guide me to choose a right way to achieve my career path.
Also advise how overseas recruiters are expecting from inbound foreigners employee.

Kindly assist me, Mr Louis, I'm very much glad to get your correct advice.

I am awaiting for your reply.

Best Regards,
Sridhar Mani

by Sridhar Mani on 28 Aug 2016 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Hi Louis,
After 15 years in the company, I am in negotiations to leave with an exit fee. I know that the Dutch law changed the last July/15. In order to have a starting point, I would like to know what is the "standard" severance payment according the last changes. For example, 1,5 month salary per worked year?? Where I could find this information?? I checked but I don´t see it. Many thanks. R.

by RM on 05 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Hello, I would like to ask for advice as to whether our company as the
employer is obliged to pay employees wages for the days worked in the month?
We are international diving centre (legal form BV) and we employ 4 dive
instructors. Three of them rejected at the mid-month to returned to work
(they abandoned work), resigned. The reason was they did not want to work in a team with a man who recently got employment with our company. The reason was interpersonal disputes within the team. Team leader has failed to solve this situation and also resigned from day to day. The employment contract states that employee is obliged to inform the employer one month in advance (to give notice), in the moment when he/she wants to terminate his/her employment contract. They threaten operation of the company and we as management and owners are considering to claim employee for compensation of incurred expenses related to operation, brand damage and ensuring clients obligation coming on vacation for diving.

by mirek hudecek on 04 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Louis Passos
Louis Passos

Hi, Louis.
Recently, I graduated from uni in the NL, and currently am looking for a job within the country.
Faced that my CV and CL do not fully reflect Dutch labor market requirements.
Is there a company that can check my CV and CL in order to make it look perfect?

by Evgeny on 16 Nov 2015 Read Answer

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