Night buses in Amsterdam

Night buses and trains in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands

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Missed the last bus or train home? Whether you live in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands, you can still get home on the Dutch night service.

There are several trains that run during the evening, they start running after the last train of the day until the early morning. Unlike most day time trains, these trains only run once an hour and only stop at major stations, you can easily check your route online.

The night train fare is the same as the fair during the day and your ticket is valid from 0:00 till 4:00 the following morning. You can buy these tickets from an NS Service Desk or NS self-service ticket machine, same as regular tickets or use your OV-chipkaart.

If you are traveling on the night train, you can continue your journey after 04:00 as long as you have your ticket from the previous day.

Night buses in the Netherlands

Night buses in Amsterdam                                                          
The trams, buses and metro lines run from 06.00 in the morning to 00.30 at night. Between 00.30 and 07.30 in the morning, you can use the night buses.

GVB operates public transport services 24 hours a day. After the regular daytime services have ended, a special network of 12 night buses serves all parts of Amsterdam.

The night bus leaflet with a map of all night bus routes is available for free at GVB Tickets & Info on the Stationsplein.

Night bus fares
The night buses have their own fares structure which differs from the standard daytime fares system. GVB operates public transport services 24 hours a day – after the regular daytime services end, a special network of night buses operates through the night. This has its own fares structure and tickets.

Out-of-town parking
If you are coming to Amsterdam for a night out in the city centre, it is often cheaper and more convenient to park your car at the edge of the city. You can then take a bus, tram or metro into Amsterdam and a night bus back.

Video surveillance
All night buses operated by GVB are equipped with video surveillance cameras for the safety and security of passengers.

Prices in 2011
Night bus 1 ride EUR 4.00
Night bus 12 rides EUR 30.00

(Each journey is valid for 1.5 hours, including transfer to other GVB nightbuses.)

Night bus tickets are available only as OV-chipkaart products, at GVB Tickets & Info and from the Ticket Vending Machines, see the page OV-chipkaart travel products.

Nightbus region ticket
Price 2011: EUR 7.00.
This ticket is valid for two hours on all GVB night buses and the Arriva and Connexxion night buses in the Amsterdam region. During those two hours you can transfer to night buses of GVB, Arriva and Connexxion.
You can purchase this region ticket from the night bus driver.

Also valid on the nightbuses
Star season tickets (weekly, monthly, annual) valid in the Amsterdam zone area, GVB season tickets (monthly, annual), Schiphol Forenskaart, NS season tickets (monthly, annual) with local/regional supplement valid in the Amsterdam zone area and NS OV annual tickets (for all public transport in the Netherlands).

Not valid on the nightbuses
GVB 1-hour tickets, student tickets and the E-purse on your OV-chipcard are not valid on GVB nightbuses.

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