Pet hotels in Spain

Pet hotels in Spain

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Last update on May 16, 2014
Written by Kejan Haynes

In those rare moments when you travel without your pets, you want to make sure they receive the best care. Expatica recommends four top-notch hotels in and around Madrid and Barcelona for your pets.

August is an extremely popular month to pack up the family and head for the beach. Unfortunately not every holiday destination is in love with your pet as you are.

What happens then? Luckily there are places dedicated to solving such a dilemma.

Pet hotels are usually located just outside of the city to allow ample room for your pets to run around. These aren’t always your typical prison-lookalike kennels. Instead, some of the places really live up to the hotel name!

Barcelona- Hotel Dos Rosas Canino

Residencia canina Dosrosas en Dosrius (Barcelona)This hotel is located in Montnegre Natural Park where the weather never goes above 30 degrees Celsius even in the summer. They also provide special veterinarian care and grooming services upon request. This dog hotel is so exclusive that it only accommodates 20 guests at a time so book early to avoid disappointment.

Prices range from EUR 12 to EUR 22 a day depending on the size of the room and the time of the year. Visit their website for more details.

Barcelona- Hotel Caní El Vilà

HOTEL CANÍ EL VILÀIn comparison to some of the other hotels on this list, this hotel is a lot more low-key, providing the basic amenities; lots of room to run around, veterinary services, and a pool in the hot summer months. They also provide free pick up services for pets staying longer than a month.

They are also pretty exclusive, allowing up to 25 dogs at a time because the hotel doubles as an animal shelter and adoption centre.

Price: EUR 18 per night. Anything more than 21 days, you should call and consult first.

Madrid (Toledo) – Bestcan

Although it’s not in Madrid centre, Toledo is approximately an hour away, and far enough from the city to allow for ample running room for your dogs.

This hotel also goes all out in the amenities for your pets like heat (winter), swimming in summer, automatic water filters, and most interestingly, music and TV.

Bestcan HotelAlong with 24 hour veterinarian services, the hotel boasts of providing the best pet food twice a day, or three times if they are puppies.

They even provide a collection and drop off service for residents of Madrid, Toledo and Ávila. Maximum 40 dogs at a time.

Prices range from EUR 15 a day during high season (15 June to 15 September).to EUR 13 a day in low season (rest of the year).

If your pet stays for more than 30 days, monthly prices are EUR 300 in low season and EUR 500 in high.

Madrid (Sebastian de los Reyes) Mascohotel

MascoHotelThis hotel just north of Madrid caters to both dogs and cats (though separated). Like the best of human hotels, this hotel has individual suites complete with webcams so you can know what’s going on at all times. Also, they boast a swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi, massages and a grooming service.

Prices are EUR 16 for dogs per day and EUR 7.5 a day for cats. EUR 1.5 extra for webcam service. For additional amenities, consult the company first.

Prices are correct approximations.