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Expat Voices in Spain

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Last update on October 18, 2018

When you become an expat living in Spain, you may wonder if your experience is normal. Perhaps you’ve become overwhelmed by all the new things you have to learn, or you’re worried you’re not settling in fast enough.

You may just be looking for affirmation from those who have embarked on the journey before you. With Expatica’s Expat Voices series, you can learn from the mistakes and the triumphs of fellow expats in Spain, as well as sympathize with their frustrations and share in their joy.

If you’ve only just begun thinking of moving to Spain, read some real expat experiences to start preparing for your own: an American expat’s frustration with the infamously lax Spanish business hours, a British expat’s overwhelmingly positive review of Spanish food and, finally, the advice they’d give to hopeful expats.

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