Gala Salvador Dalí. A Room of One’s Own in Púbol

Gala Salvador Dalí. A Room of One’s Own in Púbol

With this exhibition, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí will reveal Gala Dalí: muse and artist, as well as a key figure in twentieth-century art.


Start date: 06 July 2018
End date: 01 October 2018

A companion to Dalí, and before that to the poet Paul Éluard, Gala Dalí was sometimes admired
but often slighted or ignored. Nonetheless, she was, without a doubt, one of the key figures of the
avant-garde. Representations of her in paintings by Max Ernst, in photographs by Man Ray and
Cecil Beaton, and especially in works by Salvador Dalí are much more than portraits: they comprise
an autobiographical odyssey on which Gala imagined and created her own image—like
a true postmodern heroine.

The exhibition will also follow Salvador Dalí’s evolution as a painter, gathering a significant collection
of his works—some 60 in total—including oil paintings and drawings. It will also present
a selection of paintings, drawings and photographs by other artists who were part of the surrealist
movement, including Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Cecil Beaton and Brassaï. An
interesting collection of letters, postcards and books will also be on display for the first time, as
well as dresses and objects from Gala’s personal wardrobe. In total, the exhibition will present
approximately 315 pieces that reconstruct this complex and fascinating character.

The exhibition will explore this enigmatic and intuitive lady, who related with many artists and intellectuals.  Known worldwide for being the wife of Salvador Dalí, his muse and the protagonist of some of his paintings, we will attend the transformation of Gala into a fully-fledged artist.