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New record reached for number of Petrol stations in Spain

Published on June 07, 2016

In Torrevieja, it’s not like we’re short of them anyway, and I’ve seen a Gas Express, which is fantastic for cheap fuel, go up about a month ago and now another service station, from a different company, is being built just by the water park.

The number of petrol stations in Spain increased 2.2% last year, reaching a record figure of 10,947.

This is mainly attributed to the growth of independent operators, many of which have been integrated into the premises of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

In 2015, there were 235 new service stations established across the whole country. This consisted of 270 independent branded service stations, 18 new supermarket or hypermarket outlets and a reduction in major brand petrol stations, which fell 0.88%.

In total, at the close of 2015, the number of other branded stations increased to 2,400; those belonging to super and hypermarkets sat at 341; cooperatives that sell to the public registered at 575; and the number of well-known operators fell to 7,631.

Repsol has the greatest volume of service stations in this country, with a total of 3,544, and is followed by Cepsa (1,512), BP (629), Galp (575) and Disa (552).

Now that the country is in full flow of recovery from the economic crisis, there is a greater demand for fuel, which is heightened by cheap prices.

Last year, the demand for petrol registered at 26 million tonnes, an increase of 3.4% from 2014.



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