Wine and Grape Festivals in Luxembourg

Wine and Grape Festivals in Luxembourg

Last update on December 26, 2018

Follow the Moselle Valley’s Route du Vin to celebrate the harvest this fall.

Wine has been an important part of life in the Moselle Valley for centuries, dating back to Roman times. The Moselle River, which forms Luxembourg’s border with Germany, is mostly known for its dry white wines, including Rivaner, Auxerrois, Riesling, Pinot bland, and Pinot gris. The valley’s Route du Vin, or Wine Road, runs from Wasserbillig, follows the Moselle River through the wine region’s capital at Grevenmacher, and continues to the villages of Wormeldange, Remich and Schengen. Some cellars are open for public wine tasting, such as the Poll-Fabaire cellar in Wormeldange and St. Martin in Remich.

Grevenmacher Wine and Grape Festival




Grape festivals are usually held in September and October, in thanksgiving for a good grape harvest. Luxembourg hosts a weekend celebrating wine and grapes during the annual Wine and Grape Festival. The festival boasts a Wine Queen, music, a wine parade, dancing, and fireworks. The coronation takes place on Friday. On Saturday fireworks light up the Moselle, followed by a Queen’s Ball. On Sunday, floats in the wine parade offer wine to spectators lining the route. The festival is usually held on the second weekend of September. In 2011, it is expected to be held on from 11 to 13 September.

Schwebsange Wine Festival

Wine casks

In September, the festival in Schwebsange is a not-to-be-missed event, when wine flows instead of water from the Enfants-aux-Raisins fountain in front of the church.

Wine festivals

Wine festivals are usually held in the spring, in the local winery or outdoors in a large tent. They feature dance music, traditional food and, of course, wine.

Many villages in Germany, on the other side of the Moselle, also host festivals celebrating grapes and wine.

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Photo credits: Wikipedia (Wormeldange), Flickr/oc_layos (wine casks), Flickr/S^S (grapes)