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Luxembourgish delights (and a new place to find them)

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Luxemblogger has some tasty tips on where to find your favourite local treats.

I never, ever, ever leave Luxembourg for a visit back to the U.S. without several tubes of Moutarde de Luxembourg in my suitcase. Really! In fact, my brother, who recently received a tube in Afghanistan (where he is temporarily contracting), thinks I carry it around with me everywhere I go. He has a point: I probably should.

First of all, it is absolutely delicious. Second, at a cost of about EUR 1 per tube, it's cheap. And third, since it comes in a toothpaste-like tube, it's easy to pack...which is also a good thing in case I get hungry while I'm on the road!

Moutarde de Luxembourg

But lest you think that I'm a lover of moutarde alone, I'll also have you know that I have been stopped at least three times by tourists scouring the wine section of Alima, and I always point them toward my favourites of Luxembourg's predominant grape varieties. And, no guest ever leaves our apartment without a small bottle of Luxembourg wine or eau de vie as a souvenir to take home.

If you live in the Grand Duchy, you already know that there are more delicious foods and beverages produced in Luxembourg than you'll ever have time to taste, and that each region of the country comes with its own specialties.

But, did you know there's a map to help you find all of those tasty treats??

I was perusing the Luxembourg National Tourist Office web site this afternoon, clicked on "Local Products" and was whisked away on a delightful picnic - or so you'd think from the red gingham tablecloth-like background - to The main course: Luxembourg's regional specialties.

It's an interactive map that allows you to select one or more categories of delicacy, from charcuterie producers to specialty markets to producers of wine, crémant, liqueur, eau de vie, dairy products, honey and farms that will sell their fruits, vegetables and other items to you directly if you visit.

Food map


Find Luxembourgish delicacies on

Quick warning: the site is completely addictive. I played with it for at least  two hours!

Fancy a beer-brewing workshop? Check out Den Heischter Béier, which offers seminars for EUR 40 per person for groups of 10 or more.

Looking for a present for your honey? You can bee smart about your purchase by taking a look at the website of Apisjungels, beekeepers and producers of honey and other bee products! (Sorry, I've never met a pun-making opportunity I could resist...)

Want to wow your friends and family with a few new Luxembourgish recipes? Luxlait has you covered with hands-on classes taught by chefs and cookbook authors at its education center, Vitarium, where there are also plenty of activities on hand for children and families. (Fall 2011 cooking classes are listed here.)

As you peruse Foodmap, you'll find that not every producer has a website, but many do. If nothing else, you'll almost certainly find a phone number and an address.

So: happy clicking, and please report back to me on the good eats you discover! I'd love recommendations for some new treats to carry with my moutarde the next time I head back to the States.


LuxembloggerJessica is an American femme au foyer living in Luxembourg, where every day is a new adventure (or misadventure). And she's capturing it all on her blog, Luxemblog. Check out her blog or find her on Twitter, @Luxemblog, to learn from her experiences...and from her mistakes!


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