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Little differences #7 and 8: Driving in Luxembourg

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Driving gives blogger Katy opportunity to point out some more of the little differences between Luxembourg and the US.

Little difference #7: Gas prices
It's one of the first things people love to bring up when you tell them you're moving to Europe from the States – the price of gas! I like to bring up the fact that we're only two hours away from Paris... Paris!

Gas is higher here. Let's do some 5th grade math and we'll check out the price in US dollars and gallons.

Let's convert, shall we?

Unleaded gas is 94 cents a litre (that's 94 cents in euros)

First conversion: Euros to dollars
As I’m writing this, EUR 1 = USD 1.286
0.94 X 1.286 = 1.21
In dollars unleaded gas is USD 1.21 a litre

Maths  teacher

Second conversion: Litres to gallons
1 gallon = 3.79 litres

Converted price of 1 gallon of gas
3.79 X USD 1.21 = USD 4.56

A gallon of unleaded gas in Luxembourg costs USD 4.56.

Next question: how much in US dollars does it cost to fill up my tank?

My tank holds 59 litres.
59 litres divided by 3.79 (number of litres in a gallon) = 15.57 gallons
My car holds 15.57 gallons of gas.

15.57 gallons X USD 4.56 a gallon = USD 71.00

FINAL ANSWER: It costs USD 71.00 to fill up my car.

I know, I know many of you smarty pants types are thinking, "What about diesel fuel?" Well, I happened to notice the price but you can do the conversion! Standard diesel is 81 cents a litre. Super diesel is 91 cents a litre.

How does this compare to what you're paying?

Little difference #8: Priority to the right
See that traffic sign? The one with the black X inside a red and white triangle? THAT is an important sign to know about when driving in Luxembourg.

Priority road sign

It signals that the street to your right has priority. Essentially you must yield to all vehicles coming from the right. So if you are driving down the street and you see a car approaching from the right, you must stop and let that car go.

This is a completely new traffic concept for me and for the other Americans I've met here. It is also an easy rule to forget about as you're driving 30–35 mph down a street, even with the street sign and the sign painted on the road.

In the US the intersecting street to the right would have a stop sign. Cars would have to wait until it was clear to turn. It is very different to give priority to cars that are turning.

Luckily one of Bryce's colleagues told us about this sign on our preview trip. Of course that was after we'd been driving a day or so.

Has anyone heard of a traffic rule like this in the US?


Katy likes to do crafty things, bake and write about her projects as well as her experiences living in Luxembourg. Read more about her family of four from Seattle and their Luxembourg adventure – including all those little differences – at Sycamore Stirrings.


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  • Ralph posted:

    on 14th November 2013, 18:52:47 - Reply

    Difference #8... Yes, this would the equivalent of our YIELD sign. Yech, not a yellow sign or read that is upside down from this one.