Supermarket signs for celery and beets

Little difference #12: Produce signs

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A trip to the supermarket is an education, finds blogger Katy. The produce signs in Luxembourg appeal to her curious side, as well as helping her be a bit more eco-friendly.

Honestly, this little difference just delights me! Pears from Portugal, leeks from Belgium, apples from France, grapes from South Africa – the origins of each type of produce is written along with its price at most grocery stores here in Luxembourg. This makes a shopping trip much easier for a locavore. And much more interesting for a curious person like myself.

Although I'm not a locavore, I do prefer to buy produce that was grown close to home whenever possible. I find that these signs make a difference in how I shop. I'll skip the apples from China in favour of the ones from France.

In Seattle I would occasionally see produce items marked ‘Made in the US’. Some fruits would have Chile or Ecuador stickers on them, but there was nothing as consistent or specific as the identification here in Luxembourg. Maybe at Whole Foods or PCC the produce origins are marked more clearly.


Supermarket signs for pears and potatoes
Supermarket signs for celery and beets
Portugese pears, French potatoes, Italian celery and Belgian beets

In case you're curious, I have seen a few produce items from the US – pomegranates and grapefruits – but not consistently. I’ve seen apples from China and seedless grapes from South Africa and Chile. However, the bulk of produce here seems to be from France, Spain and Belgium. I suppose that changes from season to season.



Katy Hanson
Katy likes to do crafty things, bake and write about her projects as well as her experiences living in Luxembourg. Read more about her family of four from Seattle and their Luxembourg adventure – including all those little differences – at Sycamore Stirrings.


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