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Kids in the kitchen: Fun and gourmandises

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Bertrand from L’Atelier de Cuisine gets your kids excited about cooking and good food.

For six years, Bertrand of L'Atelier de Cuisine has been combining fun and cooking for a relaxed attitude in the kitchen. Kids love to be involved in the preparation of their own meals and even a bit more -- it's clear that they already want to add their own personal touch or grain de sel.

It's also important for kids to be part of a group. Children as young as age seven enjoy workshops making sweets like cakes and pastries. Cooking parties are great for entertaining teens and can be planned around themes like Italian food, American hamburgers or Chinese food.

Kids in the kitchen
Eat out or Eat in
It's important to show kids that it's not a big deal to prepare a balanced meal with the right amount of vitamins, fiber, healthy fats. Teaching kids to use seasonal products is a lesson they can take with them into adulthood. The workshop menus are kept simple, so they can reproduce the menu at home for friends and family.

Kids can learn to have fun, easy to prepare food on their plates, and that is good for the planet too. They can learn the difference between fast and slow food; they just need hands on experience.

Kids in the kitchen
We start with a short introduction. Kids are not that complicated; they just want to know what to do, why, for how long and what's next.

This is something fun for them; they get the chance to experience an adult hobby where they are fully responsible. They see and touch products from the garden or from the market. They have a big interest in what they are going to put in their mouths, and especially something other than sweets.

It's important to teach them some basic kitchen skills, such as:

  • The importance of washing their hands before starting to cook
  • How to hold a pan properly
  • Which oil to use for roasting
  • How to flip a piece of meat
  • How to hold their fingers to cut properly and safely
  • What gives a dish an Asian touch
  • Why baking is easy if you put the right amount of sugar, flour, eggs
  • The importance of respecting temperature


Clear explanation and demonstration are the best ways to guide them in imagining the end result. For kids, everything is new and it's a real joy to help them discover their skills. They love to learn and it's inspiring to teach them.

Here is a video (in French) so you can see the atmosphere of one of L'Atelier de Cuisine's workshops.

Bon Appétit!

Visit the L'Atelier de Cuisine website (in French) here. Click here for English info on L'Atelier de Cuisine workshops.

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