The roof is on fire...

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The building is divided into apartments, and the motorist stopped and rang the doorbell to make sure residents were aware of the blaze. He got through to a first floor resident and fire fighters were summoned. The police have noted that all residents were able to evacuate the building calmly and safely thanks to the prompt actions of the motorist. He has been singled out for special praise. When the fire department arrived, the flames were already rising loftily into the evening sky, but they were able to bring them under control fairly quickly. The last of the fire was snuffed out by 7pm. The road was closed off for the duration of the activities in putting out the fire - and the police stated that the building will be uninhabitable for a few days. The actual cause of the blaze has yet to be confirmed but the relevant authorities are looking into the issue. The building sustained significant material damage. Forward by email

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