Last update on January 16, 2020
Written by Lux Lady

Blogger Lux Lady spends the weekend enjoying the delights of two of Luxembourg’s fine dining establishments.

What do you do in Luxembourg when you’ve made no plans, aren’t travelling and it’s not nice enough to go outside?


There is no shortage of restaurants here in the Grand Duchy. I’ve been slowly working (eating/drinking) my way through a restaurant guide. It’s a shame, but the Top Five Reasons to Visit Luxembourg recently published does not include the restaurants. We say here that you get French cuisine with German portions. What’s not to love? It’s a nice way to offset my hiking weekends. And after eating at either one of these restaurants, you’re pretty much done for the day. So here is more about these two impeccable restos:

Le Fin Gourmand

Located in Belair, this understated gem offered a menu of EUR 36–for three courses, that is relatively reasonable in Luxembourg. The starter was a plate of five small tastes: grilled shrimp, a lobster/red pepper foam, a simple salad with an excellent olive oil and lemon, mini seafood cakes, and a simple herbed yogurt. The main course was dorade filet with vanilla sauce, some seasonal vegetables, and a scampi with a delicate lobster sauce. We washed it down with a simple Luxembourgish Riesling (not too sweet). And dessert? A trio of simple ice cream, a warm brownie and a coffee creme.

The ambience is quite simple and natural, although the understated branch chandeliers are worth seeing.

Restaurant Senningen

On Sunday, I was off to Restaraunt Senningen. It’s a bit higher priced, although I think it was not nearly as full because of its location. It’s quite a classy little place; the limes and beiges give the place a light and fresh feel, and the sunlight pours into the back room, which is quite nice.

This time I was spoiled with a cauliflower and parsley gazpacho amuse-bouche, a starter of fois gras in mille feuilles which tasted like carmelized gingerbread, with a little glass that included the foam of hibiscus flowers and–get this–“volcanized salts” on the plate. That was enough already, but then I opted for the lobster with vegetable nems and, again, lobster sauce.

In case it isn’t evident, these culinary delights are not something I spoil myself with every weekend. In fact, I prefer not going too often so that, when I do, my tastebuds are even more spoiled.

Photo credit: Alex Castella (restaurant).