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Last update on March 07, 2019
Written by Il était une fois

If you’re living in Luxembourg with children, ‘Il était une fois’ provides an intercultural learning and play space for your kids.

The multi-cultural library ‘Il était une fois…’ (‘Once upon a time…’) is primarily a place to encounter other cultures. Rather than a traditional library, this new library functions as a ‘Reading Room’ where parents can freely share an enjoyable storytelling time with their kids.

The library provides the ideal balance between learning and fun, where your children can learn about other cultures or simply enjoy the art of storytelling.

“We want to make of our library a lively space where children from different cultures can meet and interact. We do not want to teach children to read or to duplicate lessons best placed in schools; rather, children are permitted to discover for themselves the pleasure of reading and the ability to enter into new worlds.”

Monday 9am–11am
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 3pm–6pm

Il était une fois…
Address : 6 rue Tony Bourg
Tel : 621 504 032
Email : info@iletaitunefois.lu