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Luxembourg PM faces coalition talks after losing poll

Published on April 07, 2019

Luxembourg’s liberal premier Xavier Bettel will meet the country’s Grand Duke on Monday to discuss whether he can maintain his coalition after a disappointing legislative election.

As expected, the centre-right CSV won the biggest share of the vote, with 28 percent compared to both the socialist LSAP on 18 percent and Bettel’s DP on 17.

But the CSV was the main force after the previous 2013 election too, and then Bettel managed to form a ruling coalition with support from the left and the Greens.

The three main parties remained on top Sunday, but smaller outfits made notable gains.

The Greens advanced strongly to 15 percent, the Pirate Party doubled its score and won seats for the first time, and the populist right ADR increased its share to nine percent.

The small Grand Duchy has an electorate of just 256,000 choosing 60 deputies, and Monday’s royal meeting will decide whether Bettel is again tasked with building a coalition.