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Luxembourg little difference #1: Light fixtures

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Blogger Katy gets a kick out of the many differences between her native USA and her adopted home in Luxembourg, so much so that she's inspired to share them with fellow expats.

Ya know what I love about living in a new place? The little differences. Not the big obvious differences like currency or the metric system. No, the little things, like turkeys with "shins" and quaint circuses. Seriously, I enjoy a pretty cathedral or a massive castle as much as the next person. But the little differences? Well, they are simply fascinating.

So, in the spirit of curiosity and discovery, I started posting these "little differences" as I ran across them. Naturally, they may not be differences at all for you, but for me they are the daily reminders that I'm not in my western corner of the USA anymore.

Luxembourg little difference #1: Light fixtures

When you move into a house or an apartment here in Luxembourg there are no light fixtures. Wires, sockets and (possibly) bulbs are all you'll see. We had 13 light fixtures to buy and install. Let's see, we have seven done, six more to go. Thank you Arlon Ikea!

A friend in Italy told me that, in addition to light fixtures, kitchen cupboards and counters are also removed when a tenant leaves an apartment.

Is this a difference for you? Let me know!

Light fixture

Reprinted with permission of Sycamore Stirrings.

Katy Hanson likes to do crafty things, bake and write about her projects as well as her experiences living in Luxembourg. Read more about her family of four from Seattle and their Luxembourg adventure at Sycamore Stirrings.

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